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Bails Enhancers & Slides

Jewelry bails, enhancers and slides are findings commonly used for hanging pendants from silver chains or cord. Some people call them "pendant connectors." These jewelry making essentials are available in a variety of styles from sleek and smooth, plain metals to antiqued designs with floral motifs or filigree detailing. Bails and slides are usually permanent design components; whereas, enhancers can be snapped on and off of a necklace to allow for removable pendants. Or, you can use most enhancers as chain shorteners or jewelry clasps.

Jewelry bails are a premium pendant connection option to further accentuate focal pieces from the chain or cord necklace. A simpler alternative connector is the humble jump ring wire loop. 

Be sure to select the right type of bail for your pendant. Pinch bails have pegs that insert into either side of a top drilled stone or slab ornament. Standard bails have a drop ring to connect to your pendant and then the main bail loop slides onto your necklace or chain. Soldering bails do not have a cold connection loop or ring; instead, they are soldered directly to your focal piece and then threaded onto your necklace. Pearl Cup or Peg Bails have a top peg that inserts into a half-drilled pearl or bead and is glued on for security. 

14/20 GF 2.2x5.4mm Small Snap Bail, 2.1x4.6mm ID

$5.76 per 10 Piece Units

14/20 GF 2.7x5.8mm Soldered Bail

$8.05 per 10 Piece Units

7.1mm Stopper Rondell Bail, 3mm Hole, 2mm Closed Ring ID.

$15.20 per 10 Piece Units

6x13.2mm Tube Glue on Bails, 3.3mm Tube ID

$4.09 per 1 Piece Units

3.6x12.4mm Hammered Bail

$3.46 per 1 Piece Units

8x19.2mm Pinch Bail, Large Ant Design Ring

$5.69 per 1 Piece Units

7x2.5mm Pinch Bails, Small

$11.44 per 10 Piece Units

9.5x5.6mm Pinch Bails, .9mm Peg Diameter

$3.26 per 1 Piece Units

5.5x9.6mm Granule Leaf Peg Bail, 1.1mm Peg

$2.00 per 1 Piece Units

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