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Beading cones are used to gather multi-strand designs or woven wires at the ends of a necklace prior to attaching a clasp. Cones are often used to make jewelry tassels as well. 

8x9.5mm Tulip Bead Cap, 1.2mm Hole ID

$1.06 per 10 Piece Units

7.9x8.1mm Bullet Cap, 1.8mm Hole ID, Oxidized finish, hammered

$3.68 per 1 Piece Units

11.1x7.3mm Beaded Swirl Cone, 1.8mm Hole ID

$2.29 per 1 Piece Units

11.2x10.1mm Granular Large Hole Cone, 3.2mm Hole ID

$3.18 per 1 Piece Units

5.6x10.2mm Tulip Bead Cone, 1.4mm Hole ID

$2.23 per 1 Piece Units

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