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Visit our Jewelry Chain Information page for resources on using chain in your studio. Bulk jewelry chain footage is sold by the inch or by the foot. We have large selections of sterling silver chains and gold-filled chains for jewelry making studios. Shorter lengths are bundled or carded. Longer lengths are spooled. Most footage chains are sold in 12-inch minimum quantities unless a 10-foot minimum is noted. Maximum price breaks are available on 100-foot spools. Spooled lengths are sometimes segmented at the factories so we cannot guarantee continuous lengths. Base prices are shown below. Click on items to see details and quantity break price tiers.

Be sure to shop our huge selection of jewelry making findings to use for chain finishing such as jump rings, jewelry clasps, and embellishment options. Subscribe to our blog for helpful articles on how to finish chain ends and our glossary of link styles. 

1.2mm Saturn Cable, 1.9mm Beads. Length between beads 3/8in.

$0.25 per 1 Inch Units

1.6mm Flat Cable Chain, 10ft minimum Footage

$0.15 per 1 Inch Units

1.3mm Cable Chain, 10ft minimum Footage

$0.15 per 1 Inch Units

.9mm Drawn Fine Cable - 10ft minimum chain footage

$0.13 per 1 Inch Units

1.4mm Cable Chain, 10ft minimum footage

$0.15 per 1 Inch Units

1.3mm Double Rope Footage

$0.26 per 1 Inch Units

2.6mm Oval Long and Short Chain

$0.26 per 1 Inch Units

3mm Double Link

$0.63 per 1 Inch Units

2.3mm Flat Cable Chain Footage

$0.27 per 1 Inch Units

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