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Shop online for our selection of wire cutters and sheet shears for jewelry making and wire wrapping with sterling silver wire. These cutting pliers are indispensable tools for professional jewelers. Please note the material and thickness guidelines for tools you purchase. Cutters may break if they are used on materials outside their specifications. 

Shear Cutters, cuts up to 16ga.

$8.49 per 1 Piece Units

5in Ultra-Fine Point Flush Side Cutter

$7.14 per 1 Piece Units

Side Cutter Pliers, cuts up to 20ga.

$4.11 per 1 Piece Units

Heavy Gauge Flush Cutter, cuts up to 10ga.

$27.48 per 1 Piece Units

Metal Sheet Shears, cuts up to 20ga. Use our Sheet Shop to buy sterling silver sheet for jewelry making.

$8.15 per 1 Piece Units

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