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2.5mm .06 Ct Lab Grown GHSI Brilliant Cut Round Diamonds

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1 $48.30
5 $217.35
10 $410.55
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2.5mm .06 Ct Lab Grown GHSI Brilliant Cut Round Diamonds

Brilliant cut round lab-grown diamonds. Size may vary by .1mm. Carat weight may vary by approx. 5%. Stones will vary. Diamonds may not be returned.


Take your jewelry collection to a whole new level with lab-grown diamonds! These sparkling beauties are the classic cornerstone of fine jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry designers are increasingly adding diamond accents to their collections. Diamond gems increase the perceived value of your work and are the perfect choice for high-end sterling pieces. Our line of small melee stones work well as side stones or accents. Set them in prong settings or tube bezels from our jewelry settings collection.


Lab-grown diamonds are manmade in a process that closely resembles natural diamond formation. Our melee stones are created using HPHT technology, which uses extreme pressure and heat to produce quality stones. Lab-grown diamonds have the same characteristics as natural diamonds including strength, hardness and sparkle. HPHT stones can be easily detected with phosphorescence. Our melee lab-grown diamonds are GHSI graded meaning the color is in the G-H near colorless range and the clarity is Slightly Included (SI). Each stone is still unique with a thumbprint of imperfections or inclusions that may be visible with 10x magnification in stones this size.


Lab-grown diamonds are preferred by many jewelry customers because they have less environmental impact and ethical issues than many mined natural diamonds.

Material: Loose Stones
Nation Of Origin: India
Finish: Bright
Manufacturing Method: Other Or Multiple
Anti Tarnish: No
Tariff Code: 7102.39.0010
Weight: 0.012 Grams per Piece

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