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Hooks and Eyes sold separately or as clasp sets. Hook clasps are most appropriate for necklaces with enough weight to keep the hook engaged. We do not recommend hook closures for bracelets. Shop our wholesale beads to complete your designs.

9x29.6mm 15ga Heavy Brite Hook and Eye Set, 7.8mm Closed Eye OD, 6mm Open Ring OD

$5.45 per 1 Piece Units

7x14mm S-Hook

$1.83 per 1 Piece Units

10.3x25.8 Graceful Hook Set, 1.6mm ID

$3.88 per 1 Piece Units

26x8.7mm Hammered Hook and Eye Set

$7.73 per 1 Piece Units

Coiled Hook and End Cap Set 18ga, 6.5x13.4mm Hook with 2.4mm Coil ID, 4.9x10.6mm End Cap with 2.4mm Coil ID

$3.01 per 1 Piece Units

Copper 12.5x5.4mm 20ga Hook, 9.3x4.6mm Eye

$2.36 per 10 Piece Units

12/20 GF 20ga Hook and Eye Set, 12.6x5.5mm Hook with 1.8mm Open Ring ID, 9.5x4.8mm Eye with Open Rings

$2.41 per 1 Piece Units

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