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Neck Collars

Structured neck collars are a hot jewelry trend! These firm neck pieces are like cuffs on the neck. Collar necklaces are sculptural statement pieces. They flex slightly and slide onto the body. Because they are made from shaped, firm metal, you will not need a clasp to secure them in place. Embellish collars with statement pendants, wirework, or beading. Some options are unfinished and will require filing and sanding before wear. 

Learn different ways to Finish Jewelry Collar Ends so they are comfortable and secure to wear.

2.3mm 17ga Flat Wire Round End Neck Collar, 4 1/2in Wide ID

$22.54 per 1 Piece Units

2.5mm 10ga Round Wire Neck Collar with Rounded Ends, 4in Wide ID

$38.94 per 1 Piece Units

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