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Round Wire

Bulk round jewelry making wire for wire wrapping and fabricating. Precious metal wires, such as silver wire, are sold by length, pennyweight or troy ounce. Base metal wires are sold in small volumes by the troy ounce or by the pound for larger volume purchasers. Most bulk wire is packaged in coils. Exceptions are noted in the product details. Shop our line of jewelry tools to complete your collection.

Buying wire can be overwhelming. Read our how-to article below for important tips.

What Wire Gauge & Hardness Do You Need?

24ga - 48ft/ozt Round Half Hard

$24.74 per 1 OZt Units

20ga Copper Round Dead Soft Wire. 22.86ft/ozt

$1.60 per 1 OZt Units

6in, 14ga 1.6mm Rivet Dead Soft Wire Length

$3.41 per 1 Piece Units

18ga - 12ft/ozt Round Half Hard (100% Recycled Silver)

$23.92 per 1 OZt Units

16ga Copper Round Dead Soft Wire, 8.57ft/ozt

$1.60 per 1 OZt Units

18ga Copper Soft, Round Dead Soft Wire. 13.71ft/ozt

$1.60 per 1 OZt Units

14/20 GF Round Dead Soft - 24ga - 55ft/ozt

$81.14 per 1 OZt Units

14/20 GF 5ft Round Dead Soft Wire - 24ga

$9.59 per 1 Kit Units

14/20 GF Round Half Hard - 24ga - 55ft/ozt

$81.14 per 1 OZt Units

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