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8mm Seamless Perfect Line Bead, 1mm Hole ID

Qty Price
1 $10.26
10 $87.23
100 $800.47
1000 $7,799.42
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8mm Seamless Perfect Line Bead, 1mm Hole ID

Anti Tarnish: No
Finish: Bright
Manufacturing Method: Machine Made
Material: Sterling Silver
Nation of Origin: United States
Bead & Stringing,Beads,Rounds, Tariff Code: 7113.11.2080
Weight: 0.427 Grams per Piece

Notes: Brite finish. The 1mm hole is smaller than normal for beads over 3mm. The small hole lines the beads up in a perfectly straight row so they don’t shift around on your cord or cable and look uneven on the strand, hence the name.