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Sterling Silver 2-3/8 inch Bracelet, 1.5mm 15 gauge April, 5mm CZ

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Sterling Silver 2-3/8 inch Bracelet, 1.5mm 15 gauge April, 5mm CZ

For additional information on birthstone colors and attributes please refer to our Birthstone Chart.

Please refer to our Bracelet Size Chart for additional information on sizing bangles.

Material: Sterling Silver
Nation Of Origin: India
Finish: Bright
Manufacturing Method: Cast
Anti Tarnish: Yes
Tariff Code: 7113.11.5000
Weight: 4.900 Grams per Piece

Notes: Exact ID 60.16mm. This is .04mm smaller than 2 3/8” ID. Bangle is between our small and medium size bracelets. See chart above.


By in Georgia , 4 months ago
1/5 stars
It’s extremely disheartening to read valid honest reviews from fellow customers and then read the responses that Halstead writes which is basically ‘Too bad, so sad’. Where has customer service gone? The first Halstead reply reads that the bracelets fall right between their medium and large sizes but then gets contradicted by the reply Halstead leaves for the second customer who left a review, now claiming that the bracelets are actually right at their medium size. It’s obvious that the bracelets were not labeled correctly if the cust reps themselves are not sure of the actual bracelet sizes. But instead of apologizing for that, they basically say ‘you can return them if you don’t like them!’ You have to work on your customer service skills Halstead! ******************** Halstead Customer Service response. Hi Landon, thanks for pointing out the contradiction to us, there was some confusion between the previous responses. These bracelets land on the medium size of our bracelet chart, so yes they will only fit smaller sized wrists, however, there is also a variance in size because it is a cast item. We appreciate the feedback!

 Agree with previous reviewer

By in NJ/US , one year ago
1/5 stars
I purchased these to pair with personalized bangles and ended up sitting on them for a year because they are too small to sell. The bangle needs to slip over the entire hand so the diameter measuring 2 3/8" doesn't really take into account the fact that it needs to be slipped over a part of the hand that's wider than that. My wrist measures 6.5" and I couldn't even use them personally. It's a great design and I think they could be a big seller but the sizing needs to be different. ******************** Halstead Customer Service response: Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your comments. These fall right around the medium size on our bracelet chart, so it will be for a slightly smaller hand. Thanks for taking a moment to write a review!

 Too Tiny!

By in New Mexico, USA , one year ago
2/5 stars
Per the chart, these should qualify as large (2.5") but they are quite small. Otherwise very pretty and exactly as I hoped, but the size will make them hard to sell. Please consider making them a little bigger! ******************** Halstead Customer Service response: We appreciate your comments. These fall right between the medium and large sizes on our bracelet chart, so yes they run fairly small around the wrist. You are welcome to return any items you do not find satisfactory within 30 days of purchase. Thanks for taking a moment to write a review!
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