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Get great deals on discontinued jewelry supply products. Products shown here are often marked down at dramatic discounts. These liquidation components, materials and tools will not be restocked when we run out. Bookmark this page and visit often to jump on bargain jewelry findings before they are gone for good!

While you’re exploring, be sure to check out our new jewelry supply section of recently launched products. We’re always adding new things so check back at least once a month.

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1x1mm Wholesale Silver Crimp Beads, .6mm Hole

$5.92 per 500 Piece Units

7.5x4.6mm Cast Bead, 2.2mm Hole

$1.43 per 1 Piece Units

Copper 3x3mm Crimp Beads, 2.2mm Tube ID

$10.30 per 100 Piece Units

14/20 GF 1x17mm S-Tube Beads, .5mm Hole

$4.11 per 10 Piece Units

1.5x20mm S-Tube, 1.2mm Hole

$5.14 per 10 Piece Units

1x18mm Smooth Twirled Tube, .5mm Hole

$2.70 per 10 Piece Units

2x3mm Twisted Crimp Beads, 1mm Hole

$9.60 per 100 Piece Units

7.9x6.1mm Small Floral Bead, 4.1mm Hole

$2.18 per 1 Piece Units

3x6mm 19ga Crimp or Rivet Tube, 2.3mm Tube ID

$2.56 per 10 Piece Units

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