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Sterling Silver 5.2mm Concave Finger Rings Bands, Size 7

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Sterling Silver 5.2mm Concave Finger Rings Bands, Size 7

Crave the Concave!   A stunning new Sterling Silver Concave Ring Band.  Size 7.  Bright Sterling Silver.  For more Architectural Fun take a look at our complete listing of Silver Rings.

Material: Sterling Silver
Nation Of Origin: India
Finish: Bright
Manufacturing Method: Cast
Anti Tarnish: Yes
Flags: Clearance Items
Flags: Web Only
Tariff Code: 7113.11.5000
Weight: 3.050 Grams per Piece

Notes: Widths will vary +/- .3 mm. Thickness will also vary slightly.

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from Alysen (one year ago)

Very shiny, as if rhodium coated, but wasn't mentioned in the description. Recently, it did turn a little golden color and don't know why or what it was exposed to. Perhaps you could give me some insight? ********************************************* Halstead Customer Service response: Thank you for your feedback. It sounds like it's tarnishing. I'm not sure when or where the tarnishing occurred but here is a blog that we wrote that may help you if it's becoming tarnished in your studio: https://blog.halsteadbead.com/2013/11/05/7-silver-tarnishing-culprits-lurking-in-your-studio/. We do appreciate your comments. Thanks for taking a moment to write a review!

from Alysen (one year ago)

Fit is good, didn't expect it to be so shiny. Maybe I didn't notice that it said 'rhodium' on the listing page.

from Shannon Russell (one year ago)

This concave ring rocks! It is quite substantial and stylish, lending itself to a variety of design possibilities by soldering within the band, or over the top of it. @ShannonMaureenRussell on Instagram #SeaGlassGoddess
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