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Stamping Tools

Purchase all the tools you need for metal stamping in this section. Then, browse our huge selection of metal blanks to start stamping jewelry now. Read our tutorial articles below to explore this technique.

5 Tips For Making Hand Stamped Jewelry

5 Ways To Elevate Your Stamped Jewelry With New Techniques

Guide To Hand Stamping Metal Blank Options

2.5x2.5x0.75 inch Steel Bench Block. Weight: 2 lbs.

$16.71 per 1 Piece Units

5-inch Round Leather Bench Sandbag. Great for sound dampening! Weight: 1.08 lbs.

$12.17 per 1 Piece Units

6.5in 1lb Brass Stamping Hammer, 1in head size. Designed specifically for metal Stamping. Weight: 1.

$22.00 per 1 Piece Units

Auto Center Punch - Also great for periods when making hand stamped jewelry.

$5.91 per 1 Piece Units

Bench Block 3 Piece Combo- steel block is 1x3in. diameter, nylon block, rubber base. Weight: 1.25 lb

$23.49 per 1 Piece Units

7in. Round Leather Sandbag. Weight: 3.15 lbs.

$15.72 per 1 Piece Units

1/2in Stamp Straight Tape allows precise accuracy when stamping letters on metal jewelry. Click for

$2.62 per 1 Piece Units

4x4in Square Leather Bench Block Pad

$5.69 per 1 Piece Units

Impress Art Bracelet Stamping Guide Sticker Book, 36 Stickers

$5.00 per 1 Piece Units

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