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Dangles and fringe collide with beautiful sterling silver tassel drops and pendants. Add a waterfall of whimsy as a focal point or a back drop between your shoulder blades. You can also make your own tassel interpretations with footage jewelry chain, bead cones and other supplies.

3.3x28mm Classic Tassel with 3.3x5.2mm Cap, 1.2mm Cable Chain, 1.1mm Closed Ring ID

$2.21 per 1 Piece Units

4.6x52.1mm Cable Tassel, 1.3mm Cable Chain, 4.6mm Closed Ring OD

$2.54 per 1 Piece Units

5.4x35.7mm Bar Tassel with Bead Chain, 1.5mm Bead Chain, 3.6x5.1mm Closed Oval Jump Ring OD

$3.25 per 1 Piece Units

5.7x37.5mm Tulip Top Tassel, 5.2mm Open Jump Ring OD, 2.9x5.5mm End Ball Drop

$11.67 per 1 Piece Units

2x44.7mm Diamond Cut Snake Chain Tassel, 3mm Closed Ring OD, .6mm Snake Chain

$2.23 per 1 Piece Units

4.4x34.7mm Beaded Tassel, 3mm Round Beads, .8mm Box Chain, 3.5mm Closed Ring OD

$1.81 per 1 Piece Units

6.4X38.7mm Bead End Tassel, 2.1mm Beads, 1.5mm Cable Chain, 3.6x5.3mm Closed Oval Jump Ring

$4.10 per 1 Piece Units

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