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Bracelet Bending Block Set with 5 Nylon Rollers. Weight: 3 lbs.

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Bracelet Bending Block Set with 5 Nylon Rollers. Weight: 3 lbs.

Don’t let the name fool you! Our jewelry making wooden bracelet bending block won’t mar your metal, you can form with it, it’s lighter than steel versions and it’s made from quality hardwood. The nylon rollers are strong enough to be used with a hammer, too. Works perfectly to form cuffs, as you can see in the video below, however you can use it to bend other jewelry findings as well, such as earrings, bracelet links, blanks, and bangles, the list just goes on and on. If you are using a soft metal there is no need to anneal it, but if you have a harder metal you may want to consider it first.

With soft or annealed metals, just start with the largest depression and work your way down through the sizes until you reach the shape and size that you want. The channels are 3.25in, 2.5in, 1.75in, 1.5in, and 1.25in. If you’re interested in a quick way to shape a cuff blank, this can be done by hand without the use of a rawhide or nylon hammer. Start with a soft metal cuff blank and use the largest depression as your first bend. Center the blank over the largest depression, grab the large nylon roller and simply press straight down on it so that the round nylon roller will nest itself into the depression. Gently roll it from side to side and then pull it out. You should have a u-shaped blank in your hands now. Repeat this step with the second largest depression and use the nylon roller that fits that one.

Flip the bending block over and use the largest depression on that side for the next step however, instead of continuing with the u-shape in the middle you will now u-shape the ends of the cuff. Leave approximately 10mm resting on the top of the depression, use matching nylon roller for that depression and press down to shape the cuff sides. Repeat with the other side of the cuff leaving approximately 10mm of metal resting on the top of the depression. For a detailed view, watch the quick one and a half minute video below. For more information on jewelry cuffs read our blog 6 Steps to Make Cuff Bracelets.

Nation Of Origin: India
Anti Tarnish: No
Tariff Code: 4421.90.9760
Weight: 3.000 Pounds per Kit

Notes: Hardwood block measures: 7x1.75x2.5in. Grooves consist of 3 half round and 2 larger third round channels. Sizes: 1.25in, 1.5in, 1.75in, 2.5in and 3.25in. Wood finish may vary from image shown.

 Perfect cuffs

By Shanyn Aldridge in California , 2 years ago
Where has this been all my life? I struggle with bending heavy gauge metal cuffs, this bender makes it so easy! I like that it comes in multiple sizes. Saves times and my cuffs turn out beautifully. Thank you for offering such a great product.

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