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Mini Bench Polisher. Weight: 6.05 lbs. Replacement medium abrasive buff wheels: Item X2601.

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Mini Bench Polisher. Weight: 6.05 lbs. Replacement medium abrasive buff wheels: Item X2601.

Small yet powerful! This mini bench polisher is loved in the Halstead Jewelry Studio. The small size of the bench polisher is perfect for a benchtop because it doesn’t take up a lot of room plus it has a dust-proof motor housing on it and the ball bearings are pre-lubricated so it’s almost maintenance free. It can even be adjusted, with the turn of the knob, to go from speeds of 1,800 up to 7,500 RPM’s. In addition to all of that, when you buy the bench polishing jewelry tool it already comes with 2 medium abrasive wheels which quickly cleans off oxidation and firescale plus it’s great for deburring your pieces, too. You’ll save lots of time in the studio by using a motorized bench polisher.

There are many jewelry polishing supplies that you can purchase to use with this wonderful, little machine. Our favorite ones are the abrasive wheels it comes with but also we use the 4in Finex Muslin Buff combined with our Zip Silver Buffing Compound to achieve a brite mirror finish on pieces. Any buffs or standard wheels that are up to 4 inches can be used. Have fun with the attachments that we carry that leave a beautiful satin finish on your jewelry pieces, or we have a pre-treated Brilliant Polishing Buff that requires no polishing compound, since it’s already embedded inside the buff or use it to quickly clean your pieces after soldering and pickling to remove the last bits of firescale or oxidization.

In the Halstead Jewelry Studio we have one side with the abrasive wheel and the other side with a polishing buff on it, but the attachments can be easily removed by unscrewing them from the spindles and putting the new one on. Remember safety is number one, so I would suggest safety glasses and a dust mask while using this mini bench polisher and tie back long hair if you need to. This awesome little workhorse will be a great addition to any jewelry studio!

User Manual

Nation Of Origin: China
Manufacturing Method: Machine Made
Anti Tarnish: No
Tariff Code: 8479.89.9897
Weight: 6.050 Pounds per Piece

Notes: Dust-proof motor housing and pre-lubricated ball bearings. Works with standard buffs and wheels up to 4in. 1/4IN diameter shaft, 110 volt, 1/6 hp moto and a variable speed up to 10,000 RPM. Kit includes: 2 medium abrasive wheels and 2 tapered spindles. 110 volt appliance for USA use only. Converters are not recommended so this product should be used in the United States only.

 love my polisher

By Tami Osborn in New Jersey / USA , 2 years ago
I would not be without this little space saving polisher. It's a work horse. Handles all of my polishing needs for all types of metal. Great for sterling silver, copper and brass polishing. Love the variable speeds too. Can't do without this buffer polisher.

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