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Solder-ite 6x6 inch Soldering Board

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Solder-ite 6x6 inch Soldering Board

These smooth, durable, heat-reflective soldering pads are highly flame-resistant and non-combustible. We use them in our studio and still have the same ones after three years. They do not contain asbestos and they meet OSHA standards.

Nation Of Origin: United States
Anti Tarnish: No
Tariff Code: 8468.90.0000
Weight: 0.387 Pounds per Piece

 A soldering necessity

By Leslie in Virginia , 2 years ago
My favorite board to solder on. It really reflects the heat well to help my jobs go smoother, and I like that the board is hard but can still be shaped with files or sandpaper if you need to. I always flip mine over to get as much use as possible out of it!
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