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Single Barrel Jewelry Finishing Tumbler, 3lb capacity. Weight: 4.3 lbs

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Single Barrel Jewelry Finishing Tumbler, 3lb capacity. Weight: 4.3 lbs

Walk away from this one and let it do all the work! Our single barrel, jewelry finishing tumbler burnishes metal to a bright mirror finish and work hardens metal, too. With a strong performance, yet economical, this tumbler is an absolute work horse. The barrel itself holds 3lbs and is made from hard rubber to cut down on the noise. We’ve had the same one in the Halstead Jewelry Studio for a couple of years now and we let it run for hours sometimes, especially if we need to work harden jewelry findings like earwires and jump rings.

To use this tumbler unscrew the nut on the top, remove the washer and then the metal top next. Pull out the black rubber lid and rinse out the tumbler if this is the first time using it. Take a 2lb bag of stainless steel shot (we use the jeweler’s mix of shot because it has a combination of round, diagonal and pin shaped pieces for the ultimate burnish) and pour it into the barrel. Add enough water to fill the barrel halfway up. Pour in a half teaspoon of burnishing compound then place your jewelry piece on top of the steel shot making sure it is below the water line. Reverse the order when putting the top back together making sure that the black rubber lid is set down inside of the barrel and resting on that lip. Put the metal top on next, pushing down to be certain you have a good seal, followed with the washer and then the bolt.

Once everything is put into place, tilt the barrel to make sure no water leaks out. Place it on the tumbler, noting that the bolt has a groove in it that goes over the metal plate on one end of the tumbler. Only one of the rollers underneath is motorized and unless the groove is sitting properly on the metal plate the barrel will not spin. Check your pieces every 15-30 minutes when you’re first using the tumbler so you can see and feel the difference. Once you get used to it, you will be able to judge the timing better depending on what you need. Find other great jewelry polishing supplies and jewelry findings on the Halstead website.

Nation Of Origin: United States
Anti Tarnish: No
Tariff Code: 8464.20.0120
Weight: 4.3000 Pounds per Piece

Notes: Hard rubber barrel cuts down noise, strong durable motor, simple operation, UL approved. Barrel dimensions: 4.75x4.5in. Tumbler dimensions: 9.25x5.75x2.5in. 115 volt appliance for USA use only. Converters are not recommended so this product should be used in the United States only.

 Can't live without my Lortone

By in USA , 2 years ago
5/5 stars
As a professional jeweler, the finish of my pieces has to be beautiful. Nothing shines my sterling like a night in my Lortone tumbler. I use a pound of stainless shot and a drop of soap and let it go over night. In the morning, my pieces look as if I spent real time with the flex shaft hand polishing. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a bright and shiny finish to their sterling work.

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