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4x6in Treated Brilliant Cloth for Jewelry Polishing

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100 $183.30
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4x6in Treated Brilliant Cloth for Jewelry Polishing

Ideal for cleaning silver tarnish as well as grease and grime build-up on your jewelry. These Brilliant treated cloths cut through tarnish better than other cloths and inhibit tarnish from reappearing. You can polish many different metals including silver, copper, brass, chrome and gold.

Also safe to use for cleaning gold-filled jewelry. Gently polish gold-filled with the treated Brilliant cloth and then use a soft, clean cloth to wipe away any residue.

Anti Tarnish: No
Nation of Origin: France
Tools,Polishing Supplies, Tariff Code: 6307.10.1090
Weight: 7.220 Grams per Piece