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14/20 Gold Filled 6 inches, 3mm 21 gauge Cuff Blank

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1 $15.48
10 $131.61
100 $1,207.68
1000 $11,767.11
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14/20 Gold Filled 6 inches, 3mm 21 gauge Cuff Blank

Shoot your cuffs.  I absolutely love that expression!  To shoot ones cuffs means to give a meaningful tug on one’s shirt cuffs so that they hang properly below one’s evening or sports jacket.  Rather refined sounding, don’t you think?  And what better reason to shoot those cuffs – than to show off the GF426C – a nattily narrow 14/20 Gold Filled 21 gauge Cuff Blank.  Go on – stamp or engrave something refined and posh sounding on it!

Anti Tarnish: Yes
Finish: Bright
Manufacturing Method: Stamped
Material: Yellow Gold-Filled
Nation of Origin: United States
Findings & Charms,Bangles & Cuffs, Tariff Code: 7113.19.5085
Weight: 2.900 Grams per Piece

Notes: Slightly rounded ends