Shop gold filled chain and sterling silver chain. Jewelry chain is sold on spools by the inch or as finished necklace chains in different lengths. Wholesale pricing available with state issued business credentials.


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Halstead is known for our huge selection of sterling silver chain and gold-filled chains.

Shop sterling silver chain, 14k gold chain, and gold-filled chain for jewelry making. Or explore finished chain necklaces to use with charms and pendants. We have a wide selection of 14k gold or sterling silver wholesale chain for permanent jewelry welding. We do not recommend gold-filled for permanent jewelry. Searching for where to buy chain for jewelry making online? You found the right place! Bulk chain by the foot is sold in 12 inch minimum quantities unless a 10 foot minimum is noted. Spooled lengths of jewelry chain are often segmented at the factories so we cannot guarantee continuous lengths of any specific measure. For smaller jewelry making projects, order jewelry chain by the inch to get exactly the amount you need. We specialize in wholesale chain for your jewelry business. Many chain link styles are available in both pre-made and footage options. Wholesale chain pricing available with valid state tax ID. Note that our best pricing is available on 100 foot spools of chain. Please use common sense when selecting chain. Precious metals are malleable and lightweight options may stretch or break when used for oversized pendants. Use the filter options to the left to narrow your product listing results. We have the largest selection in sterling silver chains. Our chain link necklaces, bracelets and anklets make it easy to make jewelry in a hurry. We have everything from standard styles to fancy fashion chains necklaces. If you’re looking for the perfect silver chain for your pendant, you have a lot of choices! Finished neck chains are available in lengths ranging from chokers to belly button opera lengths. Quality clasps are professionally attached to all finished chains. You’ll need to finish the ends of footage .925 chain. Professionally complete silver or gold-filled chain by linking a jump ring through the last link, soldering a small ring to the last link or attaching a tab or tube end. The type of finishing technique you choose depends on your design aesthetic and the size chain you’re using.
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