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All you need to know about spring ring clasps – we cover the construction, benefits, and tips for the proper care and usage.
May 02, 2022

Spring Rings: All you Need to Know

by Sylvie Alusitz

Learn everything you need to about spring ring clasps to help you make an informed decision. This post covers the construction, the benefits, and tips for the proper care and usage.

Understand the difference between beading findings in this jewelry beading guide. Our educational article covers clasps, headpins, stringing wire, and more!
November 02, 2021

A Jeweler's Guide to Essential Beading Findings

by Erica Stice

Learn about beading findings in our educational jewelry guide! When you are beginning beading, the lingo can be overwhelming. Learn the essential vocabulary and common components you will need. Choose the right beading wire, clasps, headpins, and more for your next beading design.

Sometimes you need more than basic edits in your jewelry photography. Learn how to change metal colors, remove spots and so much more.
September 23, 2021

Advanced Editing for Your Jewelry Photos

by Janelle Hinesley

Sometimes you need more than just basic edits when it comes to your jewelry photography. Maybe you want to take less photos by using one photo to represent multiple types of stone or metals, or maybe you need to remove unwanted light streaks and spots. Here we'll discuss how to do those things.

Which gauge and temper should you choose? Our helpful guide can help you choose the right metal sheet gauge and temper for your next jewelry-making project!
April 30, 2021

Jewelry Metal Sheet: Guide to Gauges and Tempers

by Erica Stice

Unsure of which gauge and temper you need for your next jewelry project? Let us help! Check out our jewelry sheet metal guide for gauges and tempers.

Why jewelry chains break & how can you prevent it from happening? Read for helpful tips & tricks on preventing jewelry chain from breaking.
December 18, 2020

Why Jewelry Chains Break & How You Can Prevent It

by Erica Stice

Let's look at why jewelry chains break and ways to prevent it. From common causes to less known culprits, I'll share some helpful tips to extend the life of your favorite jewelry chain.

KP Studio located in Phoenix, AZ is a thriving metalsmithing studio school offering classes for beginning to intermediate jewelry artists.
November 02, 2020

Jewelry School Profile: KP Studio

by Kelli Vanyek Greene

Located just two hours south of Halstead Headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona is a thriving metalsmithing studio school. We took a day trip to check out the space, chat with the instructors and hang out with all of the KP Studio cats!

Having the time and resources to focus on your creativity and master your skills is what jewelry residencies are for.
July 30, 2020

Discover Jewelry Residencies

by Kelli Vanyek Greene

Being immersed in your craft, with access to a fully equipped studio while being surrounded by other artists sounds like a dreamy experience. This is what Jewelry Residencies offer.

Are you considering entering your first jewelry design competition? Having entered my first contest here's my experience.
July 28, 2020

Jewelry Design Competitions - Entering, Submitting & Helpful Tips

by Erica Stice

Are you considering entering your first jewelry design competition? Having entered my first contest here's my experience on the matter. From process steps and submitting your work to helpful tips I learned during my experience, read all about the process here.

Lessen the impact your jewelry business has on the environment with these tips for creating recycled and sustainable jewelry.
June 23, 2020

Practicing Responsible & Sustainable Jewelry Making

by Erica Stice

Lessen your impact on the environment by learning about recycled & sustainable jewelry! Learn how to become more eco-friendly by making small, but important changes around your studio.

Pearls are the underdog of the sustainability movement in jewelry. Learn about how pearls can add to your jewelry collection sustainability.
March 06, 2020

5 Reasons Why Pearls Are the Champion of Gemstone Sustainability

by Jennifer Heebner

Pearls and cultured pearls are champions of the sustainability movement in jewelry. Learn more about these beautiful jewelry options from guest author Jennifer Heebner of the Cultured Pearl Association of America and sign up for a free online pearls course.

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