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Order Terms and Conditions

All goods purchased are for adult use only.


$100 USD for each & every order/shipment within the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico.

$250 USD for each & every shipment to other countries. Additional terms apply to Australian customers. See International terms below.

All goods purchased must be for resale either as loose pieces or components to finished jewelry or crafts for adult use.


Tax exempt customers must submit valid exemption certificates with your first order or we will collect sales tax if you are shipping to any of the states listed below. We will not accept third party or expired licenses. Further details are available in the Exemption Certificates section of our online account set-up.

ARIZONA - Arizona customers must be tax exempt and have a current TPT license to open an account and purchase from us. Businesses shipping in the state are required to send us a copy of a valid Arizona State TPT resale license as well as AZ Form 5000a with your first order.

COLORADO – We will only accept tax exempt accounts shipping to Colorado. Please send a copy of your valid Colorado Resale Certificate with your first order.

Sales tax is charged to non-exempt customers shipping to most states with sales taxes. A sales tax estimate for your purchase is provided during checkout. Please note tax laws are rapidly changing since the Supreme Court Wayfair v. South Dakota ruling in June 2018. State and local tax rates and laws are subject to change at any time.

Non-exempt customers may be subject to use tax assessments in states where Halstead does not collect sales tax. States may require the purchaser to file or report directly to your state revenue administration office. Note that a purchase is not tax exempt merely because it is made via internet, phone or catalog from a remote seller. Please see the website of your state tax or revenue department for complete information.


800-528-9535 (call or text)


7:30am – 4:00pm MST (AZ)
Monday through Friday

Please note that our Prescott, AZ warehouse is not open to the public.
We answer phones, texts, emails and Live Chat online during these business hours. If you do not receive a response by the next business day, please resend your message.

TEXT MESSAGING - You can now text message us at 800-528-0535. Be sure to include your name and customer number. You can text STOP anytime to block text messages from us.

EMAIL - Please include your name and customer number. Please send email orders as text, not attachments.


By placing an order, you agree to all our Terms & Conditions.

  • TURNAROUND TIME – We are fast! FedEx & UPS orders finalized before noon (M.S.T.) will almost always be shipped the same day. However, shipment turnaround time will depend on daily order volume. We prioritize shipments via air services to expedite delivery. USPS Mail shipments will ship within one business day. If we cannot get in touch with you or if we have a question about your order it will delay your shipment. Please provide valid phone, text and email information with your orders!

  • CRITICAL ITEMS - If an item is crucial to your order, please let us know so we can verify availability. Please also request a call or text in the checkout comments section so the order does not ship without "the one thing you really needed." Call backs may delay your order if we cannot get in touch with you.

  • AVAILABILITY - We can offer availability information at the time of your order. This is the best information we have based on inventory levels in our computer system. However, computer inventory levels are sometimes inaccurate due to product weight conversions and other factors. You will only be charged for the quantity that ships.

  • ORDER ADDITIONS - Order additions will only be accepted within one business day of your original shipment. Additions must total at least $10. If your original order has already been processed, the addition will be shipped and invoiced separately, and you will be responsible for the additional postage. Cut off time is noon. Add-ons shipped separately will not be eligible for shipping discounts.

  • BACKORDERS - We will only backorder items when you specifically ask us to do so at the time of your order. There is a $30 per item minimum on backorders. We will reserve stock for a max of 4 business days after you are notified that backorder items have arrived. You will be charged the market price on the date of shipment of your backordered merchandise. Please note that you will receive the quantity break based on your original order quantity on backorder shipments even though the automated shopping cart system will show the break based on the backorder quantity remaining. We update pricing when we import into our internal computer system.

  • PRICE CHANGES - Products made from gold or silver alloys are priced based on daily commodity markets as described under the sub-heading Market Based Metals Pricing. We reserve the right to change prices without notice at any time.

  • MAXIMUM DISCOUNT - We offer our maximum discount on orders over $2,000. These orders receive the best price break on all items, regardless of the individual quantities. You still must order in standard pack sizes and you must request this discount before placing your order. Each order must be over $2,000 to qualify for the discount. Please contact customer service for details.

  • CHAIN POLICIES - All chain footage is sold in minimum quantities of 12 inches unless otherwise noted. If our only inventory available is in separate pieces, we will contact you to confirm before shipping. On longer lengths, we cannot guarantee continuous footage since all chain factories join segments when spooling. We will not re-spool to check for factory segmenting.

  • BULK WIRE POLICIES – Minimum quantity for bulk jewelry wire is 1 troy ounce per stock number for most metals, or ½ troy ounce per stock number for gold-filled. Wire orders are filled using pieces weighing at least .25 troy ounces. We cannot always guarantee one continuous length for the entire amount ordered. It is difficult to precisely weigh small wire coils before making a cut from the larger coil; therefore, please expect plus or minus 10% variance from the precise weight you request. Variance may be more on small cuts.

  • WIRE & SHEET CUTTING SERVICE – The first cut will cost 50 cents and each additional cut is 75 cents.

  • LATE ORDER CANCELLATIONS – May incur a 10% restocking fee to cover order preparation and return labor.

  • CREDIT CARD DATA – Please note that we no longer store credit card data at Halstead and we can only view part of your credit card data. The rest is stored by fully complaint, secure national processors. This is for the safety of your personal information and to ensure that we meet the highest standards of data security.

  • FRAUD PREVENTION – We reserve the right to require additional identity confirmation documentation prior to processing orders. We also reserve the right to request payment by bank transfer instead of credit card if we cannot adequately verify card ownership. This is for cardholder protection. Thank you for your patience.


We close for major US holidays. We also close for winter break every year from just before Christmas until the first business day in January. Please plan your ordering accordingly. During holiday closures, we apply the fix rates from the business day prior to close to all orders received over the closure period.


Orders shipped prepaid by credit card or debit card. We do not accept checks. Your card will be charged at the time of shipment for the contents of the parcel. You are not charged for shorted quantity or items on backorder.

Credit Cards - We proudly accept Visa, Discover & Mastercard. Our processor must have the name that appears on the card, the billing address, and the 3-digit "Security Code" number found on the back of the card in order to process charges. Declined credit cards will delay your order since we will need to contact you for an alternate card.

We diligently screen orders for suspicious activity. We reserve the right to request additional documentation in order to verify identity and card authenticity. These extra security steps are for cardholder protection. Also note that we do not store credit card data anywhere at Halstead.


SHIPPING PRICE OPTIONS – Price quotes for different shipping methods are available during checkout. Please note that shipping costs vary based on package weight, size, zip code and value so you may see different rates from order to order.

In general, USPS priority mail is the best option for low value packages under 2lbs but it quickly becomes more expensive as weight and value increase. USPS has limited tracking and delivery time guarantees so it is not recommended for urgent shipments or higher value packages. FedEx or UPS are your best choices for all higher value shipments and packages over 2lbs. Tracking and delivery guarantees are excellent. Canadian & Puerto Rican customers are best served by USPS but all other international shipments must ship via FedEx or UPS.

SHIPPING & HANDLING CHARGES - Our shipping and handling fees vary by package size, weight, and destination location. The fee is automatically calculated and disclosed during checkout so customers have an advance quote prior to completing an order. Costs related to shipping, handling, and processing are included: direct carrier fees; carrier assessorial fees such as fuel surcharges, residential delivery fees, and signature fees; package loss and damage liability coverage; and packaging materials. Note that international duties or tariffs are not included for international shipments.

SIGNATURE REQUIREMENTS – If you request that a package be left on a doorstep without a signature you may waive your declared value insurance coverage. Please arrange for delivery at a location with a person present. Signatures are mandatory for packages valued over $1,000.

FedEx, UPS and USPS have varying policies and procedures for when they require a signature for delivery and when they do not. However, it is important to note that both carriers ultimately give final discretion to your specific delivery driver regardless of whether you have paid for a signature/no signature designation. This discretion is the policy of the carriers and we do not have influence over their procedures.

INSURANCE & RESHIPMENT - Once packages leave our building, they are the responsibility of the shipping provider you choose. However, we insure all packages and will handle any loss or damage claims. We cannot ship replacements for lost merchandise without payment according to our normal terms.

Order filling and shipping transit times do not include weekends and holidays. Weather delays along the route can affect delivery times.

Unclaimed or return-to-sender parcels will be assessed a 10% restocking fee, plus shipping charges.

Heavy orders will be split into 50lb. packages. We will not ship packages over this weight for the safety of our employees. Thank you for understanding.

FedEx and UPS charge a fee for address corrections in transit. If you enter a typo on your cart order you will be responsible for any assessed address correction fee.

Ground transit time map provided by FedEx
Ground transit time map provided by FedEx.

Weather delays – FedEx does not guarantee transit times when significant storms delay flights anywhere in the transit pipeline. Please be aware that even if it is sunny in Florida one of the FedEx hubs may be having an ice storm.


We will accept returns that meet the following requirements; otherwise, they will be returned to sender:

  • Goods must be returned within 30 calendar days of receipt.

  • Goods must be accompanied by customer number, invoice number & date. A copy of the invoice is very helpful.

  • Goods must be safely packed in a box or heavily padded mailer to protect the merchandise. We do not accept goods damaged in return shipping. We will automatically reject any returns received in regular envelopes. These returns are logged and will not be accepted if they are mailed to us again in different packaging.

  • Some products may not be returned. These items have notations and include some tools.

  • Precious metal items will be credited for the invoiced price regardless of market pricing when the return is received.

  • There will be no processing fee on returns that meet these terms.

  • House account credits unclaimed for 24 months after issue date will expire. Please use your credit promptly.

  • Customer is responsible for return shipping charges.

Returns will be processed and credited within 5 business days of receipt. Please send returns that meet these criteria to:

Attn: Returns
6650 Intercal Way
Prescott, AZ 86301


Please note that the following product variances are within normal manufacturing parameters. You may return any items according to our Returns Policy; however, these conditions will not be considered defects.

Cast metal items will vary in weight and thickness by approximately 10%.

Hole sizes of beads will vary plus or minus .2mm on small beads and .5mm on large beads (8mm and larger).

Chain widths will also vary plus or minus .2mm.

Tarnish and patina are naturally occurring by-products resulting from metals reactions with the air. Many environmental factors contribute to the speed of these processes. Tarnish can be removed with readily available metal cleaners.

Gold Filled finish colors will vary due to the different finishing processes used by manufacturers. Most items are near the industry standard "Hamilton" color; however, some items will be more yellow, tawny or darker in hue.

Gold Filled blanks and sterling silver S4, SL, SU and SB prefix blanks are stamped or die struck. This type of manufacturing may leave light scratches on the surface.


All normal terms apply to International orders. However, there are also the following additions.

$250 MINIMUM ORDER. Please note that Canadian and Puerto Rican customers are not subject to additional minimum order amount. Additional parameters apply to Australia. See below for full details.

DUTIES & TAXES - All international customers including Canada and Puerto Rico are responsible for the applicable importing duties, VAT, brokerage fees & taxes in their home countries. We recommend that customers consult with FedEx or a local customs broker prior to placing a first order. Customs will not allow you to refuse payment after items have cleared, even if you decide to return goods or reject delivery. Duties are obligatory regardless of the shipping method you choose.

NICKEL – Please note that some of our gold-plated products have a thin nickel barrier layer under the plating. This is an issue with most gold-plated sterling items we carry and just a few rose gold-filled chain styles that have a higher polish rose gold plating finish. Nickel barriers prevent migration of silver and other metals through the gold layer and improve the durability of the finish. However, some countries do not allow nickel barrier products. It is your responsibility to know customs requirements and consumer protection regulations in your home country. We disclose nickel barriers on the item detail pages for each item and we also label individual product packages with nickel warnings.

CREDIT CARDS - We accept foreign Visa & Mastercard payments. We reserve the right to request photo identification and a charge authorization form as additional documentation. We also reserve the right to require payment via bank transfer.

BANK TRANSFERS - We accept payment via bank account wire transfer. The originating bank and any intermediary banks will assess processing fees on the wire that usually total between $30-$60 per transaction. Customers are responsible for these bank fees incurred during the transfer but we do not add any additional processing charges.

DIRECT SHIPPING – We will only ship directly to the following countries. Customers in some other countries may have orders directed to broker services in the United States or one of the countries listed in the terms section of our website.

Country Code
FRENCH Polynesia & TahitiPF
Country Code

AUSTRALIA – Order minimum is $250 USD for customers with a valid ABN that are registered for GST. We will verify your information before shipping your first order. Otherwise, order minimum is $1,000 USD and you will be responsible for GST assessed by Australia in customs.


Due to market volatility in gold and silver costs we use daily market-based pricing for all precious metal merchandise. Prices published as a reference in the catalog are based on a $1,250 gold market and $15 silver market. These market prices were accurate when we finalized edits last November. The website is updated with current pricing each day and is your best pricing reference.

Market fix currently used

Daily Market: Gold: $1466.65 · Silver: $16.91

The price we use is the prior business date’s London PM Fix Price for gold and Kitco New York Fix for silver. You can view a running history of daily fix prices at www.kitco.com. Due to time differences and the fact that we can only update system pricing during off-hours we will update prices each business day at approximately 4p.m. MST. Those prices will be valid on orders placed from that moment until the next business day at 4p.m. when prices are updated again. During holiday closures, we apply the fix rates from the business day prior to close to all orders received over the closure period.

Sales order pricing is effective on the business day the order is submitted into our internal system. If you have been working on a shopping cart order for several days or more, the prices will update when you confirm on the order review page with current pricing for your review prior to submitting the order. Please note that Customer Service only has access to current pricing. Increment lists are available by request.

*Please note that SN prefix sterling items are updated every few months instead of daily.


Halstead Bead, Inc. is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We are continually improving the user experience for all our clients and website users. We welcome your feedback. Please let us know if you encounter accessibility barriers by emailing us at service@halsteadbead.com.


Servicio en espanol esta disponible solo por email spanish@halsteadbead.com.


Jewelry supplies are for adult use only. Components in this catalog and on our website are not intended for use by children. Raw materials used in our collections may contain varying small amounts of lead and should not be included in children’s goods without further testing.

Sterling silver is the only material we carry that is exempt from federal lead testing requirements for children’s goods.

Clients are solely responsible for adherence to state and federal laws on testing, disclosure and product labeling on goods for resale.


We are compliant with AML requirements under the US Patriot Act. We maintain high standards of fraud screening and detection to protect our customers and credit card holders. We reserve the right to require additional documentation or payment via bank wire if an account is flagged for suspicious activity. We also reserve the right to decline any orders that we cannot sufficiently authenticate as legitimate business transactions.


In the printed catalog, we have marked sterling silver items that are known to be treated with anti-tarnish spray, dip, or e-coating with the symbol AT. Most of these treatments are temporary and will have various efficacies depending on storage conditions, time since production, climate and air particulates in your area. These items are NOT guaranteed to resist tarnish for any amount of time. However, treated items will be resistant to after-market oxidation with liver of sulfur or other methods. We do not recommend attempting to oxidize these items. They may resist oxidation all together or yield poor, splotchy results.


All written content, photos and graphics on the Halstead website and print materials are copyrighted. Please email us to request permission before using any of our content on your own website or other marketing. Be sure to provide the website address and describe how content would be used. Limitations may apply.


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