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Sylvie is the current Studio Coordinator here at Halstead. She teaches jewelry and metalsmithing classes to Halstead employees and coordinates with guest instructors when they visit. Sylvie received her BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MFA in Metal from SUNY New Paltz. She loves to share her knowledge, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Articles by Sylvie

Why Jewelry Turns Your Skin Green

Always wonder why jewelry sometimes turns your skin green? Or black? This article covers why that might happen and what it means. We’ll also talk about how to prevent it!

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Lobster Clasps: All You Need to Know

Learn all you need to about lobster clasps. We break down their constructions, benefits, and tips for soldering near a clasp.

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Advanced Earring Post Soldering Techniques

Studio Coordinator Sylvie Alusitz gives you strategies for advanced earring post soldering. Whether your designs are irregularly shaped or you’re in production mode, follow along to make more involved post soldering a breeze.

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Grant Opportunities for your Jewelry Business

Grants can be a great way to help your jewelry business get to the next level. Read on for a list of grants for your business, as well as some tips and resources of where to look for funding options.

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Spring Ring Clasps: All you Need to Know

Learn everything you need to about spring ring clasps to help you make an informed decision. This post covers the construction, the benefits, and tips for the proper care and usage.

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Jewelry Plating: Why and How it’s Used lock

This blog explains the process of metal plating, why jewelers and manufacturers use it, and some general information to help you make informed decisions on purchasing and production.

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BFAs for Jewelry & Small Metals

Are you interested in getting your BFA in jewelry and small metals? We have compiled a list of colleges across the country that offer jewelry or small metals as a major.

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