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Selecting the Right Beadalon Stringing Wire

What's the difference between 19 strand and 49 strand beading wire? Find out by watching our brand new video on selecting the right Beadalon stringing wire.

Watch our Beadalon video with BB&J's Katie Hacker!

In this episode, we have a guest at Halstead, Katie Hacker. She is a TV host on the PBS show, Beads, Baubles & Jewels. Hilary and Katie will be talking about when to use Beadalon's 19 vs 49 strand beading wire.

Choosing the Right Beadalon Wire

Shop Beadalon wire and other jewelry supplies on our website at www.halsteadbead.com.

Also, for more jewelry making ideas check out Katie's website at www.KatieHacker.com.

Watch our other informational videos: Halstead YouTube Channel

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