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Take Your Jewelry Business to the Next Level

Hear great advice from past participants on why applying for the Halstead Grant will help your jewelry business succeed, regardless of whether you win.

Hear firsthand experiences from other jewelers who have participated in the Halstead Grant. Learn how the application process is a boot camp for your jewelry business and can help you reach the next level of success, even if you don't win the award.

The Halstead Grant is a powerful way to take your jewelry business to the next level...even if you don't win! Find the application, resources, An Inside Look and more at Grant.Halsteadbead.com. Applications must be postmarked by August 1st.

The application assumes that you already have outstanding jewelry designs. The questions are designed to introduce emerging jewelers to the concept of a business plan. The winner and finalists receive an invaluable feedback report from the judges, along with their other prizes.

Many winners and finalists applied for the grant in years prior to receiving the award. By going through the process, they were able to make changes to their jewelry businesses and refine their winning applications.

2017 Halstead Grant Winner Kristen Baird says, "While it will take a lot of time and your brain will probably hurt at some point, this experience is valuable and the time spent is an investment in your business. You and your business are worth it."

Download the application and give yourself some time to really focus on the business side of your jewelry career. Usually, jewelers are so busy getting the work done that there is not of lot of time or energy put toward business planning. 2017 Finalist Emily Shaffer says, "The process allows you to reflect on your present business and what you must to do make it a successful brand in the future. It's like a business plan template!"

2017 Finalist Alexandra Lozier says, "Filling out the grant application was one of the most challenging yet rewarding things I have ever done for my business! The questions are really hard, and the application was very time consuming, but it was overall an invaluable experience! It was eye-opening for me to crunch the numbers to see what it would take for my business to create a viable long term plan and provide me with a comfortable lifestyle."

2017 Halstead Grant Finalists

Informed by craft and tradition, every piece of Alexandra Scarlett Jewelry is 100% handcrafted in San Diego, California, with the idea of creating desirable, long lasting pieces for confident and independent women.

Alexandra says, "I create unique jewelry for badass babes. I am committed to empowering women through individuality and personal style. Whether it is a statement necklace or simple everyday ring, my minimal, sculptural, and unique designs allow you to stand out of the crowd without breaking the bank.

Collar necklace by Alexandra Scarlett Jewelry

Earrings by Kelsey Grape

"Kelsey Grape is redefining traditional filigree. It is a breath of fresh air to see the intricate technique combined with bold geometry and negative space," says Halstead President Hilary Halstead-Scott.

Kelsey says, "By pairing intricate hand-twisted filigree work with simple yet thoughtful framework design, I am able to bring the focus to the alluring texture created by using the filigree wire while maintaining a clean modern aesthetic that fits effortlessly into any wardrobe.

Stacy Rodgers Jewelry is inspired by the ebb and flow of lines in anatomy, sea life and plant life. Stacy says, "My fascination with the natural world has led to organic jewelry forms in sterling silver, oxidized copper and brass with offset layers and exploding edges.

Hilary Halstead-Scott says, "Stacy's innovative look is something entirely new in jewelry. Her layered, hand-pierced forms are striking yet somehow familiar, like exotic creatures from tropical seas or another galaxy perhaps."

Bracelet by Stacy Rodgers

Necklace by Emily Shaffer

Emily Shaffer Studio is focused on creating jewelry that is clean, modern and versatile. The jewelry is made to be functional and complement the wearer's own individuality. Using silver, enamel, or sometimes a combination of both, Emily seeks compositions of line and negative space.

Emily says, "Going to art school within short distances of New York City and Philadelphia exposed me to contemporary art and fashion. Living in rural Maine inspires by sense of resourcefulness and independence, and my drive to create."

Lucia Pearl Jewelry is handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York, using a range of traditional and inventive techniques. Pieces are designed to be convertible and interactive but appear effortless and elegant. Gender-neutral, ageless and timeless designs make Lucia Pearl Jewelry versatile and perfect for everyday wear.

Lucia says that she approaches her work as a problem-solver, fabricating prototypes out of raw materials and incorporating clever mechanisms in her designs that encourage the wearer to interact with the piece in more ways than one.

Earrings by Lucia Pearl

Earrings by Made Line Jewelry

Made Line Jewelry Co. has the philosophy that covetable, heirloom-quality jewelry can be made in a way that is socially responsible. Madeline Michael uses solely Certified Recycled or Fairmined metal and ethically-sourced, traceable gemstones with styles ranging from classic staples to large statement pieces.

Madeline says, "I am beyond thrilled and excited for what this means for my career. The process of applying for the Halstead award has been incredibly beneficial for me as I start my business."

VLM Jewelry by Vanessa Arthur is an elegant collection of mixed metal adornments made in downtown Los Angeles, California, for the modern, sophisticated, well-traveled music lover.

Vanessa says, "Growing up as a choral singer and concert violinist, it's no surprise that my first collection, HARMONY, has been inspired by my love of music. In Harmony, I explore visual, wearable musical elements. Harmony is also stylistically influenced by the California mid-century design aesthetic.

Necklace by VLM Jewelry

Earrings by Tenzabelle

Tenzabelle by Savannah Hunter features jewelry that is untamable and sustainable. This precious metal jewelry is designed for wild spirits and produced with a clear conscience.

Tenzabelle has a bold, edgy, artistic aesthetic. As Hilary Halstead-Scott says, "Tezabelle offers a huge selection of bohemian baubles with a celestial touch." Savannah says, "It is important to me that my brand has a heart. It is amuletic adornment with stringent ethical sourcing made by hand with Fairmined metal."

2018 Halstead Grant

As 2017 Finalist Madeline Michael says, "Anyone who is considering pursuing the Halstead Grant should stop questioning it and just start! I have told all my peers to at least download the application and review the questions. Even if they don't end up submitting the application, they will know where to focus their attention and what information is important to consider."

Madeline's advice is to take advantage of as many resources as possible for research and initial feedback. She encourages applicants to, "Feel excited about the progress you're about to make, start early, read the questions over and over again (you'll think of something new to add each time), push yourself to dive deep, and think of it as a fun creative project, not an intimidating business plan."

Ready to take the next step for your jewelry business? Download the application at Grant.Halsteadbead.com. Applications must be postmarked by August 1st.

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