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Exhibiting in Jewelry Wholesale Shows

Is your jewelry business ready to take on wholesale accounts or are you looking to find new retailers for your brand? Learn the benefits of ...

Is your jewelry business ready to take on wholesale accounts or are you looking to find new retailers for your brand? Learn the benefits of exhibiting your line at a jewelry wholesale show.

Wholesale shows which are also referred to as trade shows happen throughout the year in various locations around the country. Booth sizes and fees range per show. You will want to fully research the show and its history before signing a contract to exhibit. Figure out the total cost, location, date, number of attendees and other jewelry brands exhibiting to decide if a jewelry wholesale show is right for you.

What is a wholesale show?

A wholesale show is an exhibition for businesses in a specific industry to showcase their products. Buyers for retail stores attend jewelry shows looking to add inventory to their shops. Wholesale shows are not open to the public and require a retail business to register to gain access to the event. Retail buyers will look through your collection, your price sheets and decide if they would like to write an order with you. Even if they don’t write an order on the spot they may take your business card and contact you at a later date to order. There are trade shows dedicated strictly to jewelry, but you might also be interested in craft, accessory and gift shows.

What are the benefits?

The biggest benefit of exhibiting at a trade show is to get your product in front of retail buyers. Getting face time with buyers is huge! Their feedback on your collection is priceless. You have a chance to sell your personality, the story behind your jewelry and make a connection with the buyer. On top of interacting with buyers and hopefully writing orders, you also get to see what other people in the industry are doing. Seeing new styles and trends can help spark creativity for your next collection. Also, being part of a community and building relationships with other jewelers can help further your career. Networking will definitely bring in more opportunities for you and your jewelry business.

Managing Expectations

You need to have realistic expectations when you sign up for your first wholesale show. Most likely it will take 2-3 or more years at the same show to get your best sales results. The first year your main goal should be to promote, network and learn. Meet as many buyers and other vendors as you can. Make sure to be handing out your business card and other promo materials often. You want people to remember you and your brand. Making a positive lasting impression on buyers is crucial. You will also want to listen carefully to all feedback given and make adjustments before your next show. Asking other vendors about their experience and getting insider advice will help you make slight changes during the show and prepare for future ones. Think of your first wholesale show as an investment in your brand. You may not make a profit but the marketing and networking opportunities can make it worth your time and money.

What to Prepare

There is a ton of work that goes into preparing for a wholesale show.

line sheets, displays, media kit, advance postcard campaign, promote your booth on social

Do Your Homework

Talk with show managers about how to succeed at their venue. Ask to connect with a mentor or experienced vendor who would give you some insights.

Beyond the Show Fees

Figure out the total cost to exhibit and determine what your break even is. calculate costs compared to margin on sales. discuss additional fees and expenses to include in a show budget


shows are competitive and sometimes few slots are available. Keep applying. Have great photography and a clear brand identity to make the cut.

Learn More from an Expert

Jewelry Marketing Guru Liz Kantner offers a step by step guide to set yourself up for success at trade shows. Kantner has over 12 years of marketing experience in the jewelry industry. She has planned and executed more than 30 trade show booths for clients. Along with this comprehensive jewelry wholesale show guide; Liz is offering a 1-hour consulting call.

STAY GOLD Comprehensive Guide to Trade Shows by Liz Kantner

Jewelry Wholesale Shows

Below is a list of well-known jewelry wholesale shows in the United States. Click on their websites to learn more about exhibiting.

JA New York

Spring Show in March/ Summer Show in August

New York City, NY


JCK Las Vegas

Annually in June

Las Vegas, NV


JIS Miami

Shows in February, April and October (Oct is the largest show)

Miami, FL

Metal & Smith

Spring Show in April/ Fall Show in August

New York City, NY


New York Now – Home, Lifestyle & Gift

Winter Show in February / Summer Show in August

New York City, NY


ACC BaltimoreAmerican Craft Show

Annually in February

Baltimore, MD

American Handcrafted

 Annually in February

Philadelphia, PA

Atlanta Jewelry Show

Spring Show in March / Summer Show in August

Atlanta, GA


 Annually in February

New York City, NY


Annually in June

Las Vegas, NV

Stacy at ACC Booth.jpg

Stacy Rodgers Jewelry at ACC Baltimore

Stacy at ACC Close Up.jpg

Enji Studio Jewelry at Premier


*Emma Elizabeth Jewelry is featured in cover photo.

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Written By: Kelli Vanyek Greene
Previous small jewelry business and gallery owner. Passionate about bringing the jewelry community together and supporting small businesses. Marketing & Creative Manager at Halstead.