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Pattern & Gallery Wire Guide: The 411

This guide covers pattern wire and gallery wire used in jewelry making. What are they? What is the difference between them? ...

Explore pattern wire and gallery wire used in the jewelry studio in this overview guide on essential materials for your design practice.

Pattern Wire:

Pattern Wire Finished Jewelry by Erica Stice
Pattern Wire Finished Jewelry
Pattern wire is fun, versatile, and easy to create with. We sell it in heavier gauges, making it strong and durable for a whole array of jewelry projects. When I first began playing with pattern wire I made bangles, earrings and a tube bezeled ear cuff, just to feel it out and find it's limitations. The only issue I had was cutting it, since the wire cutters in the Halstead studio weren't strong enough, but that was easily solved with a jewelers saw. Grab some pattern wire and have some fun, I sure did!
Tribal pattern wire

Florentine pattern wire

Greek pattern wire

Twisted rope pattern wire
Twisted Rope

Renaissance pattern wire

Diamond shaped pattern wire

Fleur de Lis pattern wire
Fleur de Lis

Hammered pattern wire

Crossed Ribbons pattern wire
Crossed Ribbons

Floral pattern wire

Beaded Edge
Beaded Edge

Faceted Pattern Wire

Gallery Wire:

Cabochon Wire Ring by Kate Richbourg
Fancy Wire Ring
While gallery wire is necessary, it definitely doesn't need to be boring. We've really bulked up our gallery wire section with the width ranging from 2.5mm to 18mm. Go small or big, we have you covered! Shop gallery wire at Halstead.
Flower gallery wire

Dolphin gallery wire
Open Dolphin

Perforated gallery wire

Fleur de Lis gallery wire
Fleur de Lis

Perforated gallery wire

Art Deco Vine gallery wire
Art Deco Vine

Circle Deco gallery wire
Circle Deco

Open Pointed Flower gallery wire
Open Pointed Flower

Flower gallery wire

Open Quatrefoil gallery wire
Open Quatrefoil

Loop gallery wire

Greek bezel gallery wire

Open Daisy gallery bezel wire
Open Daisy

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Written By: Erica Stice
Erica is the former Studio Coordinator at Halstead. She spent 14 years with the company across a variety of departments but fell in love with metalsmithing. Erica's top tip for new metalsmiths is: "Practice! Be patient with yourself and have fun with it. Don't be afraid to ask questions. All of us at Halstead enjoy helping people whether it's questions on products or technical help in the studio. We're here for you."

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