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Earring Findings

Shop our huge array of earring findings including ear wires, leverbacks, posts, threaders, jackets and hoops for pierced ears. We also offer non-pierced options like clip-on earring findings and cuffs. These earring components are the hardware for a strong earring collection. Halstead is best known for sterling silver and gold filled materials for jewelry artists as well as the many earring supplies on the pages that follow.

Post earring findings feature a front ornament fused to a wire peg that goes through the ear piercing. The earring is held in place with a butterfly-shaped back clutch. Review option details carefully when shopping, some stud styles are sold with clutches included, others are sold separately.

Earwires are the most affordable and popular type of earring findings. They are hook shaped to slip through a piercing. The long tail at the end helps keep the earring in place; but, we strongly recommend using stoppers to secure your earrings on the ear.

Hoops are a manstay in accessory fashions. Several different top latch varieties are available. Hoops can be worn as minimal style elements, or embellished with beads or other findings for more elaborate interpretations.

More exotic earring findings such as threads, v-wires, cuffs, jackets and climbers add interest to any collection. Explore these interesting alternatives to offer your customers something original.

Check out our Guide to Earring Findings for a more detailed glossary of vocabulary terms if you are new to jewelry making. Don't miss our selection of wholesale beads to embellish your creations and other jewelry findings to complete your collection. Have fun with all the possibilities!

53.5mm 21ga Box Chain Ear Thread, 1mm Chain, 1.6mm Open Ring ID. Order 2pcs to get one pair.

$2.67 per 1 Piece Units

13x20mm Cast Rectangle, 1.4mm Closed Ring IDs. Order 2pcs to get one pair for earrings.

$2.37 per 1 Piece Units

13x15mm 3-to-1 Link, 1.2mm Closed Ring IDs

$2.18 per 1 Piece Units

19x23mm 20ga Hoop Earwire with 3mm Ball, 2.3mm Open Ring ID

$7.34 per 10 Piece Units

17x25mm 22ga Flat Plain Earwires, 1.7mm Open Ring ID. 10pc pack is the equivalent of 5 pairs.

$3.04 per 10 Piece Units

11.6x21mm 21ga Open Spiral Earwires, 1.9mm Closed Ring ID. 10pc pack is the equivalent of 5 pairs. Wh

$7.61 per 10 Piece Units

11x18mm 22ga Leverback with 3mm Ball, 1.1mm Hole. 10pc pack is the equivalent of 5 pairs.

$1.79 per 1 Piece Units

9x16x3.7mm Wide 20ga Leverback, 1.2mm Closed Hole. Order 2pcs to get one pair of earrings.

$2.00 per 1 Piece Units

17.1x21mm 22ga Round Earwire with 1mm Ball, 2.1mm Open Ring ID. 10pc pack is the equivalent of 5 pai

$3.86 per 10 Piece Units

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