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Earring Jackets

Shop the trend! The 1980's are back again with these fun earring findings. Earring jackets slide onto a post earring either in front of the earlobe or behind the earlobe. Jackets usually have a pierced hole that is just slightly larger than the earring post for easy exchange. Use them with simple post earrings to mix and match your look for the day. Customers love that earring jackets are interchangeable accessories they can customize themselves. Items shown here are designed specifically to be jackets. However, many charms and blanks can also be used as earring jackets. Get creative!

Check out our article on Types of Earring Findings.

5.8x16.4mm Flower on Stick Drop, 1.6mm Closed Ring ID

$10.88 per 10 Piece Units

2.5x25mm 19ga Bar Drop, 1mm Closed Ring ID

$10.23 per 10 Piece Units

13.3mm Large Daisy, .9mm Center Hole

$1.54 per 1 Piece Units

11x25mm 24ga Spike Cross Earring Jacket, 3mm Hole ID, Brite

$10.06 per 10 Piece Units

14/20 GF 19.6x14.4mm 30ga Folded Fan Earring Jacket, 1.1mm Hole ID

$2.80 per 1 Piece Units

14/20 GF 7.7x19.1mm 30ga Diamond Earring Jacket, 1.5mm Hole ID

$14.14 per 10 Piece Units

20.1x1mm Swoop Back Earring Jacket with 6mm Stardust Bead, .9mm Hole ID. 10pc pack is the equivalent of 5 pairs.

$10.51 per 10 Piece Units

2.7x15.9mm Tooth or Horn Earring Jacket, .9mm Hole ID. 10pc pack is the equivalent of 5 pairs.

$10.22 per 10 Piece Units

1.2x20.2mm CZ Post with Back Swoop 6.2mm Pearl Earring Set, 3mm CZ. Order 2pcs to get one pair of

$5.06 per 1 Piece Units

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