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Fancy Shapes

Beautiful wholesale designer beads in unique styles. Shop for unusual fashion beads for all your beading designs. Don't forget to browse all the other jewelry supplies in our collection to stock your studio!

3.7mm Hammered Bead, 1.4mm Hole

$2.43 per 10 Piece Units

12/20 GF 2.5mm Faceted Round, .8mm Hole

$2.51 per 10 Piece Units

12/20 GF 4mm Faceted Round, 1mm Hole

$8.33 per 10 Piece Units

15x11mm Puff Heart, 1.4mm Horizontal Hole. Wholesale Silver Beads

$4.72 per 1 Piece Units

6.4x4.3mm Puff Heart Bead, .7mm Horizontal Holes

$8.78 per 10 Piece Units

6mm Square Tablet Bead

$3.77 per 1 Piece Units

9.7x10mm Mesh Round Bead, 3.25mm Hole IDs

$1.51 per 1 Piece Units

7.8x7.7mm Small Heart Bead, 1.8mm Diagonal Closed Hole ID.

$13.85 per 1 Piece Units

8.1x3mm Hammered Lentil Bead, 1.3mm Hole ID

$1.61 per 1 Piece Units

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