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Finished Neck Chain

Jewelry chain necklaces in bulk at the best prices for your studio business. Silver neck chains can be fancy fashion styles that are ready-to-wear or components to pendant style necklaces. We carry hundreds of chain link styles ranging from teeny tiny cable pendant chains up to posh omegas or mesh woven chains. Our choices range from 14 inch choker lengths up to 30 inch opera lengths. 

We are known for our huge selection of silver chain, but we also supply finished neck chains in gold-filled, 14 karat gold, copper and base metals.. Please use common sense when selecting neck chains. Precious metals are malleable and fine chains may stretch or snap if they are tugged or weighed down with a pendant that is too heavy.

Most pre-made neck chains come with simple clasps such as spring rings or lobster claws, which contain steel springs for durability. 

Chain necklaces are always in demand. Jewelry designers can use them as foundations for lightweight, easy to wear accessories that customers love. They can be worn alone or layered on without overpowering the rest of a woman's outfit. Custom jewelers can focus on fabricating the focal piece and then choose an appropriate necklace configuration to display their creation.

You may be interested in our Jewelry Chain Resources page to learn how to finish chain ends, or just the common names for different chain link styles. We also offer silver charms and a complete line of findings to complete your stash of materials.

Are you curious about necklaces? Check out our Necklace Making Info page to learn about necklace styles, techniques and selling your necklace creations. It's full of information!

20in, .7mm Box Chain with Spring Ring

$4.88 per 1 Piece Units

18in, 1.2mm Saturn Cable with Spring Ring, 2mm Beads. Length between beads 3/8in.

$7.16 per 1 Piece Units

16in, 1.4mm Flat Cable Neck Chain with Spring Ring

$4.54 per 1 Piece Units

18in, 1.4mm Flat Cable Neck Chain with Spring Ring

$4.87 per 1 Piece Units

16in, 1.3mm Double Rope Neck Chain with Spring Ring

$6.53 per 1 Piece Units

18in, 2.2mm Drawn Flat Cable with Spring Ring

$10.13 per 1 Piece Units

16in, 1.9mm Alternating Bead neck Chain

$7.49 per 1 Piece Units

18in, 2.3mm Flat Light Cable Neck Chain with Spring Ring.

$6.63 per 1 Piece Units

16-18in, 1.5mm Flat Cable Chain with Spring Ring and 2in, 2.3mm Cable Chain Extender

$7.88 per 1 Piece Units

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