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14/20 Gold Filled 4x40mm 21 gauge Bar Blank Link, 1mm Hole IDs

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1 $6.50
10 $58.54
100 $520.36
1000 $4,943.47
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14/20 Gold Filled 4x40mm 21 gauge Bar Blank Link, 1mm Hole IDs

Passing the Bar.  A Great Thing if you’re a Lawyer.  An even Greater Thing if you’re a Jewelry Artist.  To Pass means to Proceed – to Surpass, Exceed, Transcend.  Let your Jewelry Designs do just that with our GF26122 - 14/20 Double Clad Gold-Filled 21 Gauge Bar Blank Link with two 1mm Inside Diameter Holes.  These will accommodate 19 Gauge or Thinner Jump Rings.  Finish or Surpass your Creation with one of our Gold-Filled Footage Chains.

Material: Yellow Gold-Filled
Nation Of Origin: United States
Finish: Bright
Manufacturing Method: Stamped
Anti Tarnish: No
Tariff Code: 7113.19.5085
Weight: 1.000 Grams per Piece

Notes: Gold filled blanks are stamped or die struck. This type of manufacturing may leave light scratches on the surface. Since this type of scratching is normal it is not considered a product defect.

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