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14/20 Gold Filled 6 inch, 4mm 21 gauge Flat Cuff Bracelet Blanks with Curved Ends

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14/20 Gold Filled 6 inch, 4mm 21 gauge Flat Cuff Bracelet Blanks with Curved Ends

Shoot your cuffs.  I absolutely love that expression!  To shoot one’s cuffs – a gesture of careless elegance - means to give a meaningful tug on one’s shirt cuffs so that they hang properly below one’s evening or sports jacket.  Rather refined sounding, don’t you think?  And what better reason to shoot those cuffs – than to show off the GF526 – 14/20 Gold Filled 6 Inch 21 Gauge Flat Cuff Bracelet Blank.  Go on – stamp something refined and posh sounding on it! Texture, rivet or embellish however you see fit.  Finish your piece on our Bracelet Bending Block Set.

Anti Tarnish: No
Finish: Bright
Manufacturing Method: Other or Multiple
Material: Yellow Gold-Filled
Nation of Origin: United States
Findings & Charms,Bangles & Cuffs, Tariff Code: 7113.19.5085
Weight: 3.920 Grams per Piece

 Maybe it's user error....

By in North Carolina , 3 months ago
4/5 stars
These are very nice quality and stamp pretty well.... however, I can not get them to shape around the bracelet bender that I have (which is ImpressArt). It doesn't hold the curve the way I had hoped... definitely not tight enough to be a cuff. I tried to shape them further with my hands and hand tools, but it didn't go very well. I also tried stuffing the empty space between the lip of the bracelet bender (that holds the starting point) to hold it closer to the form, but I couldn't make that work either. At this point, it is unsellable supply for me. ************** Customer Service Response: Hi Haleigh. thanks for your review. I'm not familiar with the bracelet bending tool you are using, however, I tested a GF526 cuff blank in our Bracelet Bending Block (item #X141) and it worked perfectly. It is wooden and the rollers are nylon so it didn't scratch up the metal. I simply started with the largest roller and worked my way down to the smallest one and it only took two minutes tops. I'm afraid it may be the tool you are attempting to use. If you have any questions please call toll-free at 800-528-0535, we're here to help.