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Heart Blanks

So sweet! Hearts are always a popular choice for custom metal jewelry stamping. Check out the many sizes and shapes we offer with this lovable metal blank shape. Don't forget the jewelry chains to complete your collection!

14/20 Rose GF 8.3x6.5mm 24ga Heart Blank, 1.1mm Hole ID

$2.30 per 1 Piece Units

14/20 Rose GF 13x10.9mm 24ga Heart Blank

$4.62 per 1 Piece Units

2pc Set Heart Blanks, 14.7x14.4mm 18ga Large Heart, 6.7x4.8mm 23ga Small Heart, 5mm Closed Jump Ring OD

$17.18 per 1 Piece Units

6.6x8.5mm 21ga Sideways Small Heart Blank, 1mm Hole ID

$1.61 per 1 Piece Units

10.5x12.9mm 22ga Heart Blank (No Hole)

$2.73 per 1 Piece Units

14/20 GF 8.5x6.6mm 28ga Heart Blank, 1mm Hole ID

$13.90 per 10 Piece Units

15.9x18.9mm 20ga Heart Lock Blank, 4mm Hole

$5.83 per 1 Piece Units

10.2x10.9mm Heart Blank Tag, 24ga, 1.5mm ID Wholesale jewelry findings

$12.55 per 10 Piece Units

8.5mm Heart Blank, 30ga, .9mm Hole - Wholesale Findings

$10.02 per 10 Piece Units

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