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Shop bulk spools of jewelry chain or finished lengths for making necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Halstead is known for our huge selection of sterling silver and gold filled chain, but we carry other metals as well such as 14 karat gold and copper. Bulk chain by the foot is sold in 12 inch minimum quantities unless a 10 foot minimum is noted. Spooled lengths are often segmented at the factories so we cannot guarantee continuous lengths of any specific measure.

Please use common sense when selecting chain. Precious metals are malleable and lightweight options may stretch or break when used for oversized pendants. Visit our Jewelry Chain Info page to learn about this important component category. Our Jewelry Chain Glossary of Styles article is a useful reference on the differences between chain link styles. Use the filter options to the left to narrow your product listing results.

14/20 GF 2.2mm Wholesale Cable Chain Footage

$0.52 per 1 Inch Units

14/20 GF 2mm Double Rope Chain

$0.90 per 1 Inch Units

14/20 GF 2.2mm Figure 8 Chain

$0.62 per 1 Inch Units

14/20 GF 3.1mm Light Oval Cable Chain

$0.67 per 1 Inch Units

14/20 GF 3.6mm Cable Chain

$1.01 per 1 Inch Units

18in, .7mm Box Neck Chain

$2.42 per 1 Piece Units

1.3mm Cable Chain, 10ft minimum Footage

$0.12 per 1 Inch Units

1.3mm Double Rope Footage

$0.21 per 1 Inch Units

16in, 1.3mm Double Rope Neck Chain with Spring Ring

$4.18 per 1 Piece Units

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