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Jump Rings

Bulk jump rings at great prices for all your jewelry making needs in sterling silver, gold filled and 14 karat gold. Jump rings are the tiny round or oval connecting links made from wire that hold everything together in accessory designs. You can make your own jump rings out of jewelry wire. But, these little jewelry findings are inexpensive to buy in bulk to save you time so you can focus on creating artful adornment.

We offer multiple gauges and diameters as open jump rings or soldered closed jump rings for all your studio cold connections. We advise using our hard tempered wire jump rings that securely snap into place and stay shut for all your charm connections. SJH1 is our bestseller in silver and GJH1 is gold-filled. We provide hardness specifications for all the jump rings we sell so you can choose the best jump ring for the job.

Soft jump rings are more flexible, but also more likely to bend open after they are attached. However, you can still choose softer temper jump rings if you plan to tumble or work harden your jewelry in some way. Soft jump rings work well when soldered closed on neck chains. Or, softer jump rings are perfectly adequate for connections that join lightweight items that will not be pulled with tension.

Tiny jump rings between 2mm-4mm are most frequently used to finish jewelry chain. We recomend soldering jump rings closed whenever possible when they are securing chain ends. Our bestseller for finishing silver chains is SJ63 or GJ63 in gold filled.

Middle sizes 5mm-6mm are frequently bought to attach charms and pendants to chains or beading work. Larger jump rings 7mm+ are often used as links in a design or chain mail construction. 

Use chain nose pliers to open and close jump rings by brushing the tips back and forth across one another to "twist" the jump ring open. Do not open by widening the gap and creating an open C-shape; this will weaken the metal and alter the shape of the jump ring. Ends should be totally flush when the jump ring is closed or the connection can work its way open over time.

If you haven't worked with jump rings before, be sure to watch our video on how to open and close jump rings.

14/20 GF 6mm OD 20ga, Open Jump Rings

$7.62 per 10 Piece Units

14/20 GF 6mm OD 18ga Hard Snap Jump Rings, Open

$8.66 per 10 Piece Units

4mm OD Split Rings

$3.56 per 10 Piece Units

10mm OD Twisted Closed Ring

$6.51 per 10 Piece Units

5mm OD 18ga Open Jump Rings

$2.77 per 10 Piece Units

6mm OD 18ga Open Jump Ring

$3.35 per 10 Piece Units

3.5x5.3mm OD 22ga Oval Jump Rings, Open

$16.08 per 100 Piece Units

4mm OD 16ga Open Jump Rings

$3.41 per 10 Piece Units

4.9x7.7mm OD 19ga Oval Jump Rings, Open

$4.24 per 10 Piece Units

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