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Pets & Animals

Pet love sells! People love their cats and dogs. Special jewelry pieces allow the wearer to proudly show their animal affection for all to see. Jewelry charms depicting beloved domestic pets and other popular wild animals. You will find most ocean creatures separately in the Ocean & Beach Charms section.

10.5x11.5mm Paw Print, Stamped, Hollow Back, 1.1mm ID

$9.69 per 10 Piece Units

8x12mm Sea Turtle Charm, Lightweight, .6mm Ring ID

$9.91 per 10 Piece Units

8.4x9.3mm Tiny Elephant, Closed Jump Ring

$3.40 per 1 Piece Units

6.3x11.9mm Cat Charm, Closed Jump Ring

$3.96 per 1 Piece Units

11.7x13.7mm Horseshoe Link, 1.3mm Closed Ring IDs

$2.45 per 1 Piece Units

7x9.7mm Shark Tooth, 3.4mm Closed Jump Ring ID

$4.14 per 1 Piece Units

15x18mm 18ga Layered Coyote Charm, 5mm Closed Jump Ring OD

$7.79 per 1 Piece Units

14/20 GF 7.4x13.2mm Dolphin Charm, 1.2mm Closed Ring ID

$8.48 per 10 Piece Units

15.6x20.3mm Turtle Pendant, 4.5x7mm Bail

$3.17 per 1 Piece Units

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