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Rivet & Solder Charms

These charms have no holes or attachment loops for jump rings. Instead, use rivet and solder charms to attach flush to sheet metal or findings such as cuff blanks, ring bands, or blanks. They are fun and easy riveting supplies for your jewelry making. Need solder? Check out our Silver Solder Supply section.

6.6x6.6mm Cherry Blossom Solder Charm

$3.18 per 1 Piece Units

.9x10.3mm Nail Head Rivet, 2.1mm Rivet Head

$22.83 per 100 Piece Units

7.8mm 18ga Circle Soldering Ornament with 4.6x4mm Heart Cutout

$4.61 per 1 Piece Units

6.7x7.1mm 28ga Small Heart Blank (No Hole)

$6.10 per 10 Piece Units

8.4x7.9mm 24ga Star (No Hole)

$9.08 per 10 Piece Units

8.2x7.2mm 24ga Small Triangle Blank (No Hole)

$8.47 per 10 Piece Units

4.9x5.1mm 24ga Triangle Solder Ornaments (No Hole)

$5.06 per 10 Piece Units

6.7x7.4mm 22ga Tiny Heart Blank

$11.57 per 10 Piece Units

6.3mm 24ga Round Solder Ornaments (No Hole)

$5.16 per 100 Piece Units

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