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Sterling Silver 4mm Ball Post Earring Findings with Ring, Clutches Included, 1.4mm Open Ring ID. 10pc pack is the equivalent of 5 pairs.

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Sterling Silver 4mm Ball Post Earring Findings with Ring, Clutches Included, 1.4mm Open Ring ID. 10pc pack is the equivalent of 5 pairs.

Lollipop!  What’s Sweeter Than Candy On A Stick?  Our S318074 - Bright Sterling Silver 4mm Ball Post Earrings with a 1.4mm Inside Diameter Open Ring – for adding your own little bit of extra sweetness!   Clutches are included!  Turn them vertically and they look just like a lollipop!  Just the right amount of Simple and Fun!

Anti Tarnish: Yes
Finish: Bright
Manufacturing Method: Machine Made
Material: Sterling Silver
Nation of Origin: India
Findings & Charms,Earring Findings,Posts & Clutches, Tariff Code: 7113.11.2080
Weight: 0.2702 Grams

 Slightly bent posts and rings, slight tarnish, and...

By in Colorado, USA , 4 months ago
1/5 stars
I don't know if I got a bad batch of these or what.... I ordered two bags of 10. Both bags were slightly tarnished. In one bag, SIX of the ten earrings had either bent posts or the ring on the ball was bent (or both). In the other bag, two had bent posts. The bend is just where the ridge in the post is for the ear clutch to "lock" on. Very noticeable, if not right away visually, you notice when you try to put the ear clutch on/off. I have to straighten these before I can use them(!). If you happen to get luckier than me and get a batch with all straight posts and rings, here is one thing you should be aware of... as stated, the rings are open on the balls. But be aware they are twisted open, you will need to take the time to twist them closed nicely even if you didn't need to open them to begin with. This point may not matter, but if you were expecting the rings to come in the "closed" position (straight aligned at least), then be aware they do not come that way and you will need to take the time to twist then straight/closed. The other thing to be aware of is that the ear clutches (backs) are extremely tight. They are too tight to use without adjusting the wings so they are a bit looser. This is more time spent adjusting parts for this earring. Given the above, I don't know that I'd order these earrings again. They do look nicer than ones I've seen from other sellers, but bent posts and rings, extra tight clutches, twisted open rings and mild tarnish all mean extra work for me before I could even use them. Not good. Given the quality of the other items in my order, I was very disappointed with these. ****************Halstead Customer Review: thanks for your review. I'm sorry you received a bad batch. We have a 30-day return policy if you are unsatisfied with your products. Please contact Customer Service at 800- 520-0535 and we would be happy to exchange them.