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Sterling Silver 9.4x17.5mm Small CZ Cross Pendant, 3.2mm Closed Ring ID

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Sterling Silver 9.4x17.5mm Small CZ Cross Pendant, 3.2mm Closed Ring ID

Material: Sterling Silver
Nation Of Origin: India
Finish: Bright
Manufacturing Method: Cast
Anti Tarnish: Yes
Tariff Code: 7113.11.2000
Weight: 0.590 Grams per Piece

Notes: Brite Finish, 1.5mm CZ Stones
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from Aranza (8 months ago)

Bought these about a year ago and they were stunning! They were a great size, strong, perfectly crafted, and my customers loved them! Then I bought many more a couple of months ago. They were out of stock so I waited over 6 weeks to get them. When I did, I have never been so disappointed in my life!!! Either Halstead got a new vendor for these CZ crosses or they tried to save money on them and absolutely ruined this product. I received 20 crosses, which were WAY smaller than the ones I have received prior, all crooked and absolutely unusable! The silver is thin and looks cheap. Every single one of them is bent, the ring on top is squished, and look horrible. The worse part is, when I immediately contacted Halstead’s Cust Serv and sent pictures, they not only had an attitude regarding the defective product THEY sent me, but they’re answer was unapologetic and pretty much told me to send them back if I didn’t want them. It’s sad to purchase an item from a company twice and receive 2 completely different items but non the less, to have that company wash their hands with you when you make them aware of the defective item. Never received a refund for them either. Learned my lesson.***********************Customer Service Response************* Thank you for your feedback on this item and our service response. We are investigating both issues to make sure we deliver the best possible product and service experience possible. We will contact you directly to proceed.

from Alexandra Torcat (one year ago)

Excellent quality and beautiful pendant to add to any design. I just love it.
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