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Get great deals on discontinued jewelry supply products. Products shown here are often marked down at dramatic discounts. These liquidation components, materials and tools will not be restocked when we run out. Bookmark this page and visit often to jump on bargain jewelry findings before they are gone for good!

While you’re exploring, be sure to check out our new jewelry supply section of recently launched products. We’re always adding new things so check back at least once a month.

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8.7x9.5mm Gallery Cap Glue Setting, 6.7mm Cap ID, 3mm Closed Ring ID

$2.39 per 1 Piece Units

Brass 9mm 19ga Medium Star Solder Ornaments (No Hole)

$0.77 per 10 Piece Units

Brass 6.2mm 24ga Tiny Star Solder Ornaments

$0.84 per 10 Piece Units

Copper 10x11.7mm Puff Heart Charm, 1mm Closed Ring ID

$4.16 per 10 Piece Units

11.8x16.4mm Pewter Earth Charm, 2.8mm Closed Ring ID

$6.25 per 10 Piece Units

24.8x7.8mm Mother, open jump ring

$3.47 per 1 Piece Units

GP Stg 19.4x43mm Open Leaf Link, 1mm Hole ID

$2.70 per 1 Piece Units

7.4x10.3mm Tiny Star Flower Charm, 1.4mm Open Ring ID

$6.79 per 10 Piece Units

4.6x7.5mm Daisy Charm, 1.1mm ID

$5.59 per 10 Piece Units

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