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Settings & Stones

Huge selection of sterling silver settings! Tube settings are especially popular in current accessory design trends. And we are excited to offer a broad line of loose CZs - cubic zirconia. Jewelry artists who are setting loose facet cut gemstones, drilled pearls, or cabochons will find various options here. We offer prong settings, bezel settings, snap-ins, glue-ons, and pearl posts. 

If you are new to jewelry stone setting, it can be overwhelming. Check out our 5 Tips to Start Setting Stones for guidance on where to start. Premade setting components are ideal for calibrated gemstones in standard diameter sizes. If you are setting custom-cut cabochons, it is better to make your own prong settings out of jewelry wire or bezel settings out of strip wire or gallery wire. 

14/20 GF 4mm Tube Bezel with Seat

$2.04 per 1 Piece Units

4mm Pad Post, .8mm Post Thickness, clutches included.

$7.54 per 10 Piece Units

4mm Tube Bezel with Seat

$11.57 per 10 Piece Units

6mm Tube Bezel with Seat

$2.05 per 1 Piece Units

2mm Round AAA CZ, 1.3mm Depth

$5.07 per 100 Piece Units

3mm Round AAA CZ, 1.9mm Depth

$8.60 per 100 Piece Units

4mm Round AAA CZ, 2.5mm Depth

$9.59 per 100 Piece Units

4mm AAA Amethyst Round CZ, 2.5mm Depth

$1.84 per 10 Piece Units

10mm Pad Post, .8mm Post Thickness

$1.92 per 1 Piece Units

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