Sterling Silver 3mm Drawn Curb Chain Footage


Sterling Silver 3x8.2mm Drawn Curb Footage

Sterling Silver 3mm Drawn Curb Chain Footage


Sterling Silver 3x8.2mm Drawn Curb Footage

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Retail Pricing


Material Sterling Silver
Recycled Detail Standard Sterling Silver Material
Nation of Origin United States
Finish Bright
Manufacturing Method Machine Made
Anti Tarnish No
Tariff 7113.11.1000
Gram Weight 0.370131

A true winner among jewelry chain styles! The stylish curved oval links on this chain allow it to lay flat against your body when worn. Made to be comfortable and provide ample flexibility, each link is curved between 85 to 95 degrees. Designed with 20-gauge solid round wire, this chain feels substantial when held. Perfect for medium sterling silver charms and pendants! The first metal jewelry chains date back to 2500 BC when Ancient Egyptians were flourishing along the Nile River. During this time, when stone age farming was disappearing and irrigation systems were being built, the Egyptians were thriving. New robust trade routes were being established, large stone sculptures and structures were being built and growth was rapid. By 300 BC, only the upper class wore jewelry chains, and they were handmade by craftsmen one link at a time. Thus, they were time consuming and difficult to make. This chain making process continued until the mid-18th century when a man by the name of Jacques de Vauconson built the first chain making machine. The invention created u-shaped links that would be used in simple mesh shaped chain. The year was around 1750, and the location was France, 10 years before the First Industrial Revolution took place. These foot powered machines were used until the 19th century at which time electric motors were driving the machines. Chain was created rapidly now, and new styles were easily designed and produced. By the 1900’s, when 3-piece suits were trending, came the pocket watches which were often accompanied by curb chains. Nowadays, you can find this popular chain in necklaces, ID bracelets, men’s jewelry and used in key chains. This beautiful, flexible chain is a must-have in your next jewelry design! Note: Bulk chain is priced per inch. All chains are sold in 12 inch minimum quantities unless a 10 foot minimum is noted. We may use segments of 7 inches or longer to fulfill your order if continuous lengths are not available. Spooled lengths are segmented at the factory so we cannot guarantee continuous lengths of any specific measure.

Detailed Specs
Chain Style Curb
Chain Length Footage
Chain Width MM 2.1mm - 3mm
Chain Wire Links Drawn Wire
Link Thickness Gauge 20 Gauge
Link Thickness MM 0.83mm
Link Width MM 3.00mm
Link Length MM 8.20mm
Link ID MM 1.4x4.8mm