Sterling Silver 4.5mm 20 gauge Jump Rings in bulk


Sterling Silver 4.5mm OD 20 gauge Open Jump Rings, 2# Half Hard Temper

Sterling Silver 4.5mm 20 gauge Jump Rings in bulk


Sterling Silver 4.5mm OD 20 gauge Open Jump Rings, 2# Half Hard Temper

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Material Sterling Silver
Recycled Detail 30% Pre-Consumer Recycled Silver
Nation of Origin India
Finish Bright
Manufacturing Method Machine Made
Anti Tarnish Yes
Tariff 7113.11.2000
Gram Weight 0.06


How are jump rings used in jewelry making?
Jump rings are an essential component in jewelry making. They are small, circular metal rings that are used to connect different components together.

Halstead Bead offers a series of sterling silver round open jump rings that are perfect for jewelry making. These high-quality rings are made from durable sterling silver and are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Whether you're attaching charms to a bracelet, connecting chains to a clasp, or creating intricate chain maille patterns, these jump rings are an excellent choice.

What size jump rings should I use?
When selecting jump rings for your jewelry making projects, it's important to consider the size, material, and hardness of the rings. The size of the jump ring will determine how it can be used in your design. Larger diameter rings are suitable for connecting larger components, while smaller rings are used for more delicate connections. The gauge, or thickness of the jump ring is also a factor. Choose thicker jump rings to connect heavier components. The material of the jump ring will affect its strength and durability as well as perceived quality. Sterling silver is a popular choice for better jewelry brands. The hardness of the jump rings determines how well it will hold its shape and stay in place over time. This series of jump rings from Halstead is tempered #4 extra hard so connections remain sturdy and reliable.

At Halstead, we always provide all the measurements you need to select findings that will fit together. You can also scroll down on each product page to locate compatible items that are frequently used with each charm, chain, or bead that we sell so you know the fit will be perfect. That's the difference between professional, reputable jewelry suppliers and more casual sellers online.

When shopping for jump rings, be sure to look for high-quality rings that are made from durable materials and have a consistent size and shape. With the right jump rings and a little creativity, you can create beautiful and unique jewelry designs.

How do you open and close jump rings?

To open and close a jump ring correctly, you will need two pairs of pliers, such as chain nose or flat nose pliers. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Hold one side of the jump ring with one pair of pliers, making sure the opening is facing upward.
  2. Use the other pair of pliers to hold the other side of the jump ring.
  3. Twist one side of the jump ring towards you and the other side away from you gently to open the jump ring without distorting its shape. 
  4. Attach the desired components to the jump ring, such as a closure, an ear wire, or a bead.
  5. To close the jump ring, twist the sides back in place so that you close the gap and return the jump ring to its original position. Make sure the ends meet flush and do not leave a gap.

Detailed Specs
Jump Rings
Jump Ring Type Open
Jump Ring Size 4.5mm
Jump Ring Gauge 20 Gauge