Sterling Silver 10 feet 24 gauge Half Hard Wire


Sterling Silver Wire 10 foot coil - 24 gauge Half Hard Round Wire (100% Recycled Silver )

Sterling Silver 10 feet 24 gauge Half Hard Wire


Sterling Silver Wire 10 foot coil - 24 gauge Half Hard Round Wire (100% Recycled Silver )

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Material Sterling Silver
Recycled Detail 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Silver
Nation of Origin United States
Finish Bright
Manufacturing Method Machine Made
Anti Tarnish No
Tariff 7113.11.5000
Gram Weight 6.67007

Sterling silver wire is a popular material for jewelry making due to its malleability, strength, and beautiful shiny color. It is an alloy composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, which gives the silver added durability and strength. Sterling silver wire is available in a range of gauges and tempers, allowing you to choose the right wire for your project.

What is sterling silver wire used for in jewelry making?
Sterling silver wire is used for a variety of jewelry-making techniques, including wire wrapping, chain making, chain maille, and creating custom jewelry findings. It can be used to make headpins, eye pins, jump rings, and clasps, as well as for wire wrapping and riveting cold connections. 

Does sterling silver wire tarnish?
One thing to keep in mind when working with sterling silver wire is that it can tarnish over time. Tarnish is a chemical reaction that occurs when the copper in the alloy reacts with common elements like sulfuric gases, salt, and chlorine, or even substances like sweat, soaps, and detergents
. To prevent tarnish, it is important to store sterling silver jewelry in a sealed container and to clean it regularly.

How much sterling silver wire do you need for jewelry making?
Just buy what you need! Our wire coils measured by length allow you to buy smaller quantities of the sterling silver wire you need for wire wrapping or jewelry making projects. Offered in a variety of gauges and tempers, the SW 10ft Series allows you to experiment with different wires and get just what you need for smaller projects or production runs. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled silver material. Sustainable silver raw material for your jewelry collection.

How do you choose the right gauge and temper of silver wire?
When choosing sterling silver wire for jewelry making, it is important to consider the gauge and temper of the wire. The gauge refers to the thickness of the wire, with higher gauge numbers indicating thinner wire. For example, the standard gauge of sterling silver wire for making earrings is 20 gauge. The temper of the wire refers to its stiffness, with dead soft wire being extremely malleable and half hard wire being stiffer to hold its shape more securely once formed.

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Detailed Specs
Wire Shape Or Type Round
Wire Gauge 24 gauge
Wire Temper Hardness Half Hard

Temper Chart