Sterling Silver Talon Claw Ring Size 7


Sterling Silver Talon Claw Ring, 2mm Wide Band at the Back, Size 7

Sterling Silver Talon Claw Ring Size 7


Sterling Silver Talon Claw Ring, 2mm Wide Band at the Back, Size 7

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Retail Pricing


Material Sterling Silver
Recycled Detail Standard Sterling Silver Material
Nation of Origin Indonesia
Finish Oxidized Antiqued
Manufacturing Method Cast
Anti Tarnish No
Tariff 7113.11.5000
Gram Weight 2.431253

Show off your wild side with this talon claw ring! Talons are found on birds of prey, from eagles and hawks to falcons. The talons on this ring represent the raptorial foot arrangement found on raptors, with 3 talons facing forward and one talon backwards which results in a vice-like death grip. The powerful strong talons on these birds are used for catching and holding onto their food and can reach lengths of up to two inches long. Throughout the ages, raptors (especially eagles) have been significant in many folklore stories around the world. For instance, in the heart of what would later become Mexico City, there was Lake Texcoco, the home of the Aztecs. According to Aztec mythology, they were a travelling tribe, until they found a city that had an eagle resting on a cactus. This vision was told to them by Huitzilopochtli, their god of war and sun. The eagle is significant in Mexican culture and is represented on the flag. The eagle is symbolic in other nations as well, it represented protection in Egypt, it was also a messenger between Greeks and their gods. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the divine eagle is depicted as Garuda who embodies courage and power. Eagles are also revered in Native American cultures, representing intuition, bravery, honor and more. These are just a handful of cultures who have treasured eagles and raptors in their mythological stories. If a bird of prey is your spirit animal, you’ll love these detailed sterling silver talon rings. You can see every scale clearly around the band, with its oxidized imprint. Symbolically talons represent ferocity, power, and primal courage. Who wouldn’t want to show off their wild side with this amazing ring?

Detailed Specs
Ring Type Fancy Stacking
Ring Size Size 7