Sterling Silver 4mm Tube Bezel Setting


Sterling Silver 4mm Tube Bezel Setting with Seat

Sterling Silver 4mm Tube Bezel Setting


Sterling Silver 4mm Tube Bezel Setting with Seat

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Material Sterling Silver
Recycled Detail Standard Sterling Silver Material
Nation of Origin United States
Finish Bright
Manufacturing Method Machine Made
Anti Tarnish No
Tariff 7113.11.2000
Gram Weight 0.142881


Looking to add a little sparkle to your pieces? Try adding a tube bezel setting from the S502 Series and a candy-colored loose CZ stone. Our tube bezel settings come because of the consistent, level seat and the thick tube walls. Add them to rings with different colored stones to create a fun stack. Or, solder a post and jump ring on the back and create earring toppers for a variety of dangling options! Tube bezel settings add a clean and contemporary look to anything you create. They will need to be soldered onto your piece. The S502 Series is made for calibrated stones, so you know the height and width will always be correct; another reason these are the best tube settings on the market.

With a pre-cut seat, you won’t ever have to worry about your stone being crooked either – just measure, set, and wear that jewelry! Watch our video below to hear just how easy it is to use these bezel settings. You can also read our blog post about using tube bezel settings in your jewelry for inspiration, tips, and tool information! You can see how Erica, our former studio coordinator, used tube bezels to add sparkle to different styles of rings. She added a few sizes and colors to some piece to create a more dynamic design.

What are tube settings?
Tube settings are a simple and visually clean method of setting gemstones in jewelry. They can be used to create a professional look with a minimum of tools. Halstead Bead offers a variety of tube settings in sterling silver, including a kit that includes an assortment of tube settings and clear CZs for practice setting stones of various sizes. Tube settings are made from seamless metal tubing that has a seat for the edge of the stone to rest on carved into the top edge of the tube. Place your calibrated loose stone in the setting and then use a bezel pusher or burnisher to push the lip of the tubing over the edge of the stone. Start by pushing in opposite sides and then work your way all the way around the edge of the setting to firmly secure the stone in the tube setting.

What is the difference between tube and bezel setting?
One question that often comes up is the difference between a tube and a bezel setting. A bezel setting is a type of setting where the gemstone is encircled by a metal frame made from a thin strip of material, which holds it in place. A tube setting, on the other hand, uses a segment of cut seamless tubing for the stone to rest in. 

What are tube settings best for?
Tube settings are typically thicker and cover the stone from the table down to the point of the culet. They are best suited to small stones under 8mm or they become too bulky. They offer a larger surface area on the side of the setting compared to prong or bezel settings. That gives the jewelry artist sufficient area to solder rings or other components in a jewelry design. 

Detailed Specs
Settings & Stones
Setting Type Bezel and Cup
Stone Size 4mm


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