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Tubes & Crimps

Tube beads and crimps for beading designs. This section also includes crimp covers used to conceal crimps at the ends of beadwork. Shop our wide selection of silver beads to complete your jewelry making.

1x1mm Wholesale Silver Crimp Beads, .6mm Hole

$6.10 per 500 Piece Units

15x7mm Curved Tube Bail, 2.2mm Tube ID, 1.5mm Open Ring ID

$8.93 per 10 Piece Units

2x15mm, 1.4mm Tube ID

$3.90 per 10 Piece Units

4mm Crimp Cover, fits 2-3mm crimps

$2.07 per 10 Piece Units

2x2mm Crimp Beads, 1.2mm Hole

$7.05 per 100 Piece Units

7.5x4.6mm Cast Bead, 2.2mm Hole

$1.50 per 1 Piece Units

2.5mm Crimp Cover, fits 1mm crimps

$8.33 per 100 Piece Units

1x1mm Micro Crimp Beads, .7mm Hole

$2.20 per 100 Piece Units

Copper 2x2mm Crimp Beads, 1mm Hole

$3.24 per 100 Piece Units

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