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Words & Letters

Words & Letters charms give you custom options for inspiration and personalization. Add monograms or initials to your jewelry. Choose a meaningful word or quote charm for emotional connection. Tell a story with your jewelry designs and watch your customers fall in love with your collection. We offer a huge selection of wholesale silver chain to complete your work.

6x13.6mm HOPE Tags, .9mm Hole

$11.44 per 10 Piece Units

11.6x14.6mm Square Love with 8.2mm Split Ring

$3.17 per 1 Piece Units

42x20.6mm LOVE Script, 1-sided

$6.09 per 1 Piece Units

24.8x7.8mm Mother, open jump ring

$3.43 per 1 Piece Units

6.9x14.5mm Breathe Tag, Closed Jump Ring

$6.55 per 1 Piece Units

6.9x14.4mm Sisters Tag, 5mm Closed Jump Ring OD

$4.92 per 1 Piece Units

8.1x28mm Enjoy the Journey, closed jump ring included

$8.24 per 1 Piece Units

25.2x8.7mm 22ga Laser Love Link, 1.2mm Closed Ring IDs

$1.61 per 1 Piece Units

16.5x38mm 20ga Laser Cut Mother, 1.4mm Closed Ring IDs

$0.88 per 1 Piece Units

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